Ernest 'The Cat' Miller Reveals That Hulk Hogan Wanted Him To Be World Champion

In the late 1990s, the Monday Night War between WWE Raw and WCW Nitro was at a feverish pitch. In fact, it became so intense, infamous segments occurred in an attempt to one-up their competitor. Namely, WWE invading WCW during a live show, and WCW telling Nitro viewers that Mick Foley was going to win the WWE Championship, as well as Eric Bischoff calling out Vince McMahon to a fight.

While the invasion and the call-out benefited each respective brand, spoiling the WWE Championship finish on a taped episode of Raw actually hurt WCW, as a significant portion of their audience left Nitro in exchange of witnessing Foley becoming champion.

Before then, WCW was dominating the war, spending over a year and a half on top. This was primarily due to the nWo being such a hot commodity, as well as names such as Sting and DDP standing against the faction and feuding against them.

Led by Hulk Hogan, the nWo first came on the scene in 1996, and turned the direction of WCW in a positive way. Not only was it a way to revive Hogan, who was actually getting booed as a babyface, but it also allowed WCW to officially declare a ratings war against their WWE foes.


While Hogan was substantially beneficial in reviving the WCW product, both his tenure in WCW and WWE was mired by racial controversy. In 2015, Hogan was fired by WWE for a leaked tape exploiting him spouting a racial slur.

Hulk Hogan's Quest To Right The Wrongs He Created

Although WWE has confirmed recent talks to potentially bring Hogan back to the company, they also confirmed that it was just simply talks and nothing more. Moreover, people like 2018 WWE Hall of Fame inductee Mark Henry feels that Hogan should continue making things right with his African-American fanbase being returning back to the WWE as he shared his thoughts on a recent episode of Busted Open Radio.

Although there are conflicting views on Hogan's WWE return, a black former WCW star shared that he had nothing but positive experiences while working with Hogan.

"[I] may have been different from a lot of people. [Hulk Hogan] and I had a bond, he was really a good guy and easy to talk to," said Ernest "The Cat" Miller on a recent episode of the Pancakes and Powerslams Show. "I would run things past him, and he'll give me some of his respects about the situation... Hulk Hogan was just another wrestler, tell me what to do and he was professional at it. Give me some advice, and I'll take it and move on. I had a great experience with Hulk Hogan."


Miller also revealed that Hogan once vouched for him to be WCW World Heavyweight Champion.

"You know what, Hogan wanted to lose the title to me one time to get me involved with the nWo. But then, if you noticed, we had so much little to nothing going on outside of the nWo. NWo was taking over the show so much that they didn't want the whole show to be about the nWo, so they had to build [people] who can actually draw ratings. So I was one of the ones who wasn't involved in the nWo, but I was still drawing good ratings when I would go out. It worked. There were a few of us that could draw ratings on our own without being involved in the nWo."
At this point, it seems as if it is a matter of when, not if, Hogan will return. While there are some who opposed this decision, others feel that he has been away from the company long enough, and is legitimately sorrowful for the error of his ways.