Russell Crowe’s Jockstrap Up For Auction As He Rids Himself Of Some Personal Things To Mark Divorce

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Russell Crowe has just conjured up a new way to mark a divorce that probably isn’t on the long list of activities people have embarked on in the past once that document is signed. Crowe, who is 53, has been separated from his wife Danielle, 48, for the past five years, so it is not as if this split is a new wound he needs to treat.

Crowe feels this auction, which includes many of his personal belongings that he amassed during his 14-year marriage, is a good way for him to mark his divorce. Crowe said no matter how amicable a divorce turns out to be, you’ve “got to unwind things at a personal level.” It looks as if selling these objects that he collected during his marriage is a way for him to unwind.

Crowe’s “The Art of Divorce” auction is being held in conjunction with Sotheby’s and there are many unusual pieces he is willing to hand over to the highest bidder. The auction consists of 227 items and while his jockstrap is getting a great deal of attention today, there are other items one might consider odd that come along with an interesting backstory, according to the Daily Mail.

Even the jockstrap isn’t your typical run-of-the-mill support garment, as it happens to have a lot of significance behind it. Crowe is selling off his movie memorabilia as well as his personal items. While this jockstrap is part of his items from his movie collection, it is also a very personal item as well.

Crowe wore that jockstrap in the movie Cinderella Man during his role as James Braddock. He had that persona garment on when his character won the heavyweight championship of the world in the film. Crowe said he added that in as a type of “gag” offering, never imagining it would attract so much attention.

It took Crowe 12 months to compile these auction offerings as he pondered just what from his belongings he was willing to give up. This auction collection includes a dinosaur skull that he purchased from Leonardo DiCaprio and the life-size fake horses from the movie Gladiator. These are just a couple of the unique items up for bids.

This predecessor of an 8C Monza could be the answer, why there is so much passion about italian sportscars. They simply did it best since a long time and now there is an auction offering this fully functional „Alfa Biga Circus Maximus“ as a single lightweight stayer - as seen and driven in the movie „Gladiator“. Available are also parts of a period correct racedress and a chronograph for the winners wrist - not from those days unfortunately but at least from the last century! Further lots are a cool Gibson „The King“ for playing the victory ballad, some nice trophys and great jewellery as a morning gift. By the way - the auction motto is „The Art of Divorce“ and all lot‘s are from the ownership of the honorable Mr. Russell Crowe and his future ex wife. Cool idea and a true cut of life definitely... #auction #sothebys #gladiator #alfaromeo #biga #cm #circusmaximus #8c #monza #rolex #daytona #16528 #cosmograph #chrono #gibson #guitar #elvis #theking #thevintagehour #theartofdivorce #russellcrowe #daniellesteele

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Over the years of making films, Crowe became good friends with the man who was the horse trainer for the movie Gladiator and that same man was also the stunt coordinator for Robin Hood. This is the man who gifted the Australian actor with an unused Roman Chariot, which will also go on the auction block.

Russell Crowe and ex-wife Danielle
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“The Art of Divorce” auction information

The auction is expected to rake in somewhere between $2 and $3 million dollars and Crowe has no plans for that money as of yet. According to the Sotheby’s website for Crowe’s “The Art of Divorce” auction, the event itself will take place on April 7, with the exhibition of the pieces going on right now up until April 6.

You can find out all the information for bidding on one of these pieces along with viewing the catalog of items here on Sotheby’s “The Art of Divorce” auction site.