Audrey, Jeremy Roloff Back From Social Media Break, Instantly Get Bashed

Audrey Roloff/Instagram

Little People, Big World stars Audrey and Jeremy Roloff celebrated their return to social media after taking a three-week break by posting gorgeous new photos of the family. The couple also shared some updates about their upcoming book and their daughter, Ember Jean. Their return, however, means the haters and online trolls are also back, Pop Culture reported.

Audrey, who last posted on social media on March 9, made up for lost time by sharing nine new photos. The 26-year-old reality TV star said it was necessary and refreshing to be completely off social media for three weeks. Audrey shared a few things about the family that her followers especially those who aren’t in the Roloff couple’s email lists, missed out on.

“Happy Resurrection Day a few days late! While we were gone… Our baby got a little bigger, and hair got a little longer,” Audrey said.

Ironically, while Audrey was talking about how Ember’s hair has grown during their social media absence, some of her followers bashed Jeremy for his long locks.

“[Please] cut your hair,” one follower told Jeremy.

“Your hair looks terrible,” added another, “Don’t like watching you look like that.”

“Please cut your hair,” another follower wrote. “It doesn’t do anything for your handsome face.”

While these people thought criticizing someone else’s looks was okay, others defended Jeremy and even complimented the three for their hair.

“What business is it of anyone how long his hair is,” one follower wrote. “He is not going to cut it just because you lot are telling him to. Who do you think you all are??”

“[Oh my God]! Just look at all of you! What a stunning family! Please don’t ever cut your hair Jeremy and Audrey! It is gorgeous and you rock a man bun like nobody’s business Jeremy! Love you all! I am so happy that the show is back! I have missed you all! Big Hugs,” another fan said.

Despite the constant negativity and bashing from so-called fans, Audrey and Jeremy took a break from social media mainly because of their book project, In Touch Weekly reported. The couple proudly shared how much progress they accomplished while they were away.

“We also turned in our book manuscript a couple days ago,” Audrey said. “We still have a long process of editing to look forward to in the coming months, but we are celebrating this first big milestone in the process!”

Audrey also expressed her gratitude to everyone who offered support for their project. She also tackled a bit of what their book will be about and hopefully achieve.

“Thank you to everyone who has been praying for us as we’ve been in the trenches of writing,” Audrey said. “Jeremy and I are so excited to share this labor of love with all of you.”

“Our hope is that it would encourage our generation to prepare for, pursue, and protect their love story.”

Jeremy also made up for all those days without sharing anything on social media by posting a number of photos on Instagram and Facebook. Like Audrey, Jeremy let his followers in on some of the things the family has been up to in the past few weeks.

“Back. While we were away, we finished the 1st draft of our manuscript and Ember began to crawl,” shared a beaming Jeremy. “Two major milestones. I can’t get enough of this girl!”