'Little People, Big World': New Season Premiere Features Tension Between Matt & Amy Roloff

Abi Ong

The Roloffs are back on television as the newest season of Little People, Big World premiered last night on TLC. Since the long-running reality show first aired in 2006, much has changed within the Roloff family. Tuesday's pilot episode focused on the tension between Matt and Amy, who are still living in the same compound despite their divorce.

The new season opened with Matt Roloff excitedly planning for a Father's Day celebration at the farm. While his two daughters-in-law, Tori and Audrey, were busy preparing the details, Matt went to see Amy to tell her that she's not invited to the small barbeque party at his house. In a confessional, the LPBW patriarch explained that he didn't mean to ban Amy from the party. In fact, he also didn't invite his current girlfriend.

"No girlfriends, no moms," Matt said.

"We really wanted to focus on the dads. Kinda like, leave the drama."

Amy told Matt that she understood, but she certainly looked disappointed. Filmed last June, this was an important occasion for the family since this is Zach Roloff's first Father's Day as a new dad to baby Jackson.

"Divorce changes things. And this will be the first time that we don't celebrate Father's Day together. Matt and I have two different worlds and it's just hard."


As recapped by the Hollywood Gossip, Amy also admitted that she didn't know if she'll be staying at Roloff Farms now that their situation has become awkward. As LPBW fans know, Matt and Amy bought the 100-acre pumpkin farm in Oregon when they were just starting to build their family. Despite their divorce in 2016, the ex-couple decided to keep the farm and run it together as business partners.

There's definitely tension between Matt and Amy. As the two drove around their property, they bickered over Matt's pirate ship project and his persisting health problems.

"Matt and I are divorced. It's not like suddenly we're gonna be best friends," Amy said in a confessional.

"We're business partners. But I don't think either one of us knows how much longer we can keep this up."

Like Matt, Amy has also moved on to a new relationship. On last night's episode, The 53-year-old reality star brought her new man, Chris Marek, over to her son Zach's home for dinner. Amy had jitters about their meeting, but Chris and Zach bonded like good friends.

LPBW fans can expect to see more of Matt and Amy's drama in the upcoming episodes. Other highlights of the new season include Audrey's delivery and the first months of the adorable baby Jackson.

Little People, Big World Season 13 airs every Tuesday, 9 p.m. on TLC.