‘Overlord’ Season 3 Anime Confirmed: ‘Overlord III’ Trailer Shows Premiere Of Third Season In Summer Of 2018


The Overlord Season 3 release date has officially been confirmed in 2018 just as Overlord Season 2 Episode 13 premiered in Japan. The announcement came as quite the surprise to fans since studio Madhouse is not exactly known for creating anime sequels. What’s more, this third season is not being considered a split-cour anime since the official title is Overlord III.

The official Twitter account for the Overlord anime also announced two new Overlord Season 3 anime cast members. Voice actor Takahiro Sakurai will play Jircniv Rune Farlord El Nix, the so-called Bloody Emperor of the Baharuth Empire. Takaya Hashi will play Fluder Paradyne, the Imperial Court Wizard of the Baharuth Empire. This wizard is the strongest in his land, and his ability is compared to the Thirteen Heroes.

The story of the Overlord III anime is based on the light novel series by Japanese author Kugane Maruyama. The book series will be up to Overlord Volume 13 by April 27, 2018. Based on these light novels, writer Satoshi Oshio and illustrator Hugin Miyama began serializing an Overlord manga back in 2014. Eight books and 36 chapters have been released for the manga, but the story is currently behind the anime.

Overlord anime Season 3 is scheduled to come out in July of 2018. The exact Overlord Season 3 premiere date has not yet been announced, nor did the website specify the number of episodes. However, the first season covered the events of three light novels and the second season finished with the ending of Volume 6. That means Overlord III is likely to cover the next three light novels with another single-cour anime season of 13 episodes since Volume 9 ends with a good stopping point for the anime adaptation. Volumes 12 and 13 are both parts of the same major story arc, so fans are hoping Overlord Season 4 will either be a longer season or an Overlord movie.

Without getting into major spoilers, the story of Overlord Season 3 will start off with side stories about the daily life of Ainz Ooal Gown and Nazarick. There will also be flashback episodes that focus on the chieftain of Carne Village, the place where Ainz first saved some humans from death. But the ending of Overlord III will involve a total war between nations.

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