NFL Bad Lip Reading Video Offers Hilarious Take On Football Communication

An NFL bad lip reading video that features some mis-heard statements from football footage has made a splash on the internet and is racking up hits on YouTube.

The video, which debuted Tuesday, already has more than 7.3 million views on YouTube. It is the latest in the series from the Bad Lip Reading folks, which in the past have dubbed fake audio over presidential debates, music videos, and movies like Twilight and The Hunger Games.

But this one has become especially popular, thanks in part to the ubiquitous footage the NFL provides. With these clips inundating Sunday broadcasts and ESPN highlight reels, it only seemed logical that they become a source of parody.

Chris Chase of USA Today Sports notes that the video works so well because the normal Sunday broadcast doesn’t have audio from the sidelines, so viewers are left to guess what it is players are talking about.

“When you watch a sporting event, do you like to read the lips of a player, coach or official and try to guess what they’re saying?” Chase wrote. “And then you automatically assume your imagined dialogue is correct because why else would you have guessed it in the first place?”

Some of the highlights include Pete Carroll warning against heroin, Peyton Manning offers a potion to make his teammates run faster, and Tom Brady getting excited over finding Fido … and his race.

The NFL Bad Lip Reading video has also been getting high praise from the press. From UPI: “Bad Lip Reading videos are great on principal, but Bad Lip Reading plus football players (who are pretty unintelligible anyway) is genius.”