‘Finding Dory’: Swedish Version Ends With ‘Very Rude’ Word That Translates To ‘Promiscuous Woman’ In English

The Swedish language version of the popular 2016 Disney movie Finding Dory takes a sudden turn from its original emotional ending to one that’s considered a vulgar word in the English language. The Daily Mail shared on Tuesday that one resident of Sweden took to his personal Twitter account to upload a short video clip of the ending of Finding Dory after he watched the Pixar computer-animated film on Sweden’s Netflix. Luke Mathews, who lives in Stockholm, Sweden, captioned the now-viral video clip with his own opinion of how Finding Dory ends in the Swedish language — by calling its viewers a sexually promiscuous woman.

Mathews wrote with the video clip, that he shared with his 18,000 Twitter followers on Saturday, that he finds the ending of Sweden’s Finding Dory to be “the greatest movie moment in cinema history.” Viewers of the 21-second video clip agree as the “vulgar” ending has now been viewed nearly 7 million times and retweeted over 170,000 times. The viral reaction over this past weekend to the ending of the version of Finding Dory in the Swedish language has caught the attention of several online media outlets, with Buzzfeed on Saturday calling the combination of Sweden and Finding Dory, that has been out on video since October of 2016, “truly wild.”

According to the Mirror on Saturday, some might find the Swedish ending of Finding Dory to be offensive for “English speakers.” Finding Dory, which is called “not as good” as the original 2003 story of Finding Nemo, has newfound popularity among Swedish viewers for flashing the word “slut” across the screen at the end. The previously-mentioned Daily Mail article writes that the “emotional moment” at the end of Finding Dory when Dory and Marlin reunite takes an “unexpected twist” when the camera pans away to show the word “slut” on-screen just before the credits roll. Some viewers now think that the Swedish language is “lovely” after laughing “out loud” over the ending.

Others viewers point out that the word “slut” in the Swedish language actually denotes the word “ending” and has been used several other times to denote the end. The previously-mentioned Metro article reports that the word actually “loosely translates” to the word “final” in the Swedish language, but people are still “finding it pretty funny” due to the offensive and disparaging English language translation of a “woman who has many sexual partners,” as noted by Merriam-Webster. However, there are several other words in the English language that “just sound wrong” and don’t translate literally when used in the Swedish language, according to an article published in Local Sweden.

The Local cites the English word “fart” as meaning “speed” in Swedish and the English word “bra” means “good” in Swedish. The article also points out the English word “slut” meaning “end” in Swedish and writes that readers “keep giggling” about the word even after years of its use in the Swedish language. The “funny” subreddit on Reddit shared the Swedish ending of Finding Dory with its nearly 20 million readers, and the post has already received over 21,000 points for its humor, and an article on Her shares that “being called a slut” is “one thing” that viewers of a movie “don’t like happening at the end,” but the Swedish version of Finding Dory managed to do just that.

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