WWE 'WrestleMania 34': The Undertaker Is Still Ducking John Cena's Challenge

Alan Ewart

We are just days away from WWE's premier PPV offering, WrestleMania 34, and there is still no sign of The Undertaker responding to the challenge laid down by 15-time world champion John Cena. Rumors that The Undertaker will make one final appearance at the "Show of Shows" have been circulating for months. The WWE Universe is keen to see the Deadman take on Cena in New Orleans, and Cena has spent weeks trying to goad The Undertaker into responding to his challenge. Many expected the Taker to show up on last night's Monday Night Raw, but to date, The Undertaker's silence has been deafening.

As reported by the Daily Express, Cena used last week's Monday Night Raw to brand The Undertaker a "coward." As a result, many assumed that the WWE had decided that The Undertaker vs. John Cena needed little by way of promotion, and that the Deadman would appear on last night's Raw to accept the challenge.

As reported on the official WWE website, Cena appeared on last night's Raw to issue one final challenge, but The Undertaker did not show up. This, they claim, means that John Cena will be watching WrestleMania with the rest of the crowd.

Let's face it, The Undertaker vs. John Cena is the sort of match that will sell WrestleMania PPV passes. Sure, diehard fans will tune in even without the Deadman or Cena; the WrestleMania card is impressive. Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns and AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura for the two biggest WWE championships should prove to be excellent entertainment. Ronda Rousey's competitive WWE debut adds spice to the women's division and the multi-competitor battles for the Intercontinental and the United States championships should prove to be exciting.

However, the WWE network has teased Cena vs. The Undertaker for months, and it is the prospect of that match that would sell WrestleMania PPV passes to casual fans. Whether those fans will buy passes on the off-chance that the Deadman and Cena will appear remains to be seen. It looks like a risky strategy by the WWE, and we will have to wait until Sunday to find out if it pays off.