Kristin Smith: Tiger Woods' Ex-Girlfriend Who Ended Relationship After He Cheated May Soon Be Spilling Details

Kristin Smith could be causing a major headache for Tiger Woods at the worst possible time.

As the golfer prepares for his big return at The Masters this week, his ex-girlfriend is in a legal battle to get out of a non-disclosure agreement and potentially share details about their messy breakup, the New York Post reported. Kristin Smith allegedly broke up with Woods last year after he cheated on her, but the golfer convinced her to sign an NDA in order to avoid another public scandal after the multiple allegations of cheating on now ex-wife Elin Nordegren.

As TMZ reported, Smith is trying to claim that the agreement can not be enforced, but she could have a fight on her hands. Tiger Woods is apparently threatening to "unveil curious photos" of his ex-girlfriend if she does not abide by their agreement, the New York Post reported, without elaborating what those pictures might show.

The report comes just days before Tiger Woods is set to compete in The Masters, making a return to the major tournament at age 42 after years of rehabbing his way out of a series of serious injuries. Anticipation has been steadily growing, especially after a series of strong performances for Woods in March.

Woods is now fully healthy for the first time in years, and many believe he will have a strong chance to win the tournament.

"He's played a few tournaments and played well in them and I think the people are excited to see him," Fred Couples, who won The Masters in 1992, told USA Today.

"He hit a few drives that were well worth watching, whether you paid for it or you're in the tournament like me. Tiger's hitting it a mile and hitting it very straight and I think he'll be a factor this week. I don't know why he wouldn't be."
But the enthusiasm about his return to golf's biggest stage could be tampered by the drama building with Kristin Smith. The media firestorm that surrounded Tiger Woods after his 2009 car crash and subsequent string of cheating allegations helped to derail his career, sending his dominant career into a skid. Woods is still suffering the backlash as many of his endorsements have gone and not returned.
It is not clear exactly what Kristin Smith could be revealing about Tiger Woods, though it had already been reported that he cheated on her. It was also unclear how long it might take to litigate the details surrounding the non-disclosure agreement and when Smith might be free to talk about the relationship again.