Kendra Wilkinson Emerges Emotionally Distraught To 'Confirm' Split From Hank Baskett In Instagram Video

Kendra Wilkinson appears very distraught as she looks into the camera in tears and tells the world that her marriage to Hank Baskett is over. She begins by saying, "10 years." She pauses, then goes on to say how she has "done everything she could. It wasn't good enough." Kendra and Hank have been together for 10 years and they've been married for almost nine of those years.

The heart-wrenching scene of a normally bubbly Kendra pouring out her heart in this video may be disturbing for some of her fans to see. She has surrounded herself with memories, like a wedding photo where she writes, "I believed in forever I really did."

Kendra also said in the video, "I will always love him. My heart will always remain open for him." Kendra and Hank have two kids together, Hank IV, who is 8 and Alijah, who is 3. According to the Daily Mail, Kendra "confirms" her split from Hank after weeks of rumors in the media that her marriage was crumbling.

The mom of two talked into the camera to share how she is feeling about all of this. Kendra said she "so scared, but I have to get strong for my kids, I will." Kendra posted the video on Monday after the rumors were swirling online last week that their marriage was over. This video confirmed those rumors today.

Kendra also thanked her friends and family for their support right now and adds -- "every little ounce of love helps. Thank you." Kendra also took to Twitter where she said "Today will be the saddest, scariest day of my life. Today I will have to be the strongest I have ever been. Today, rebirth begins."

The couple has not kept their recent marriage struggles secret, which is probably what sparked the rumors suggesting their marriage was on the brink of demise. According to the Daily Mail, they've been very open about their struggling relationship. Last week, a source was quoted as saying that Kendra feels broken after realizing that her relationship with Hank just wasn't healthy anymore.

Much of her focus during her marriage has been on the kids as she's "mommy oriented," reports that source. Now that she will no longer be together with Hank, she intends to put even more focus on the kids. Recently she's been spending "quality time" with her close girlfriends while keeping herself and her health in mind.

The 32-year-old reality star has gone hiking and along with working out, she's been keeping up with Pilates attempting to keep herself "focused and untroubled."

Entertainment Tonight reports that Kendra is "prioritizing her own needs as well as her kids," now that she's planning on leaving Hank. The couple has been married almost nine years. The kids are unaware that Kendra and Hank will be separating; right now the two are still living in their Los Angeles home together. Most of those close to Kendra see her as being very sad about her decision to leave her husband, as she still loves Hank very much.

Kendra started out in the public eye as one of the stars of the Girls Next Door reality show. She was one of the three live-in girlfriends of Hugh Hefner, all living in the Playboy Mansion together.

A few years later, she scored her own reality show -- Kendra on Top. This show had cameras following Kendra around during her daily life with Hank. In recent times, there was an alleged cheating scandal involving Hank, for which Kendra and Hank sought counseling. That scandal hung over this couple "like a cloud" the source told Entertainment Tonight.

Hank, 35, who had a career in the NFL as a pro football player, "never quite recovered from losing his football career, a source told Entertainment Tonight. Over the weekend Kendra appeared to have hit rock bottom with her emotions as she took to Instagram to say that "life isn't making any sense to her right now." She also said that she needs to learn how to "love herself again."

You can see the very disturbing video at the top this article where a tearful Kendra confirms her split from Hank.