Melania Trump Is Reportedly 'Sick' Over Stormy Daniels' Unprotected Sex Claims, 'Hollywood Life' Reports

Melania Trump is reportedly very upset over claims that her husband, Donald Trump, allegedly had unprotected sex with Stormy Daniels and Playboy Playmate, Karen McDougal. That's according to an article on Hollywood Life, which claims that the first lady is dealing with the issues in her marriage quietly. The alleged insider says that Melania has not even demanded an explanation or confronted her husband about the allegations.

"Is Melania disgusted and furious at Donald for the alleged cheating affairs? Of course she is!... But, has she told him how she feels?" the alleged insider says. "Well, she doesn't have to, not in words anyway, it's blatantly clear how Melania feels about the situation, and how livid she is, you could cut the air with a knife."

Karen McDougal may have publicly apologized to Melania Trump for the affair, but there are no indications that Stormy Daniels has done the same.

Stormy alleges that she and Donald Trump had an affair in 2006 when Melania Trump was with her newborn son, Barron. During a recent interview on 60 minutes, Stormy (real name Stephanie Clifford) claimed that Trump enjoyed being spanked with a magazine with his face on it, and said that her intelligence reminded him of his daughter, Ivanka Trump. She also mentions that the two did not use protection during their sexual encounter. You can read the full transcript of the interview here.

During the interview, she told Anderson Cooper that she was later threatened by a man she didn't know to keep quiet about the alleged affair. She was with her child at the time and she said the encounter frightened her. Years later, days before the 2016 election, when she was offered what she and her legal team have called "hush money," and Clifford took it. As she admitted during the interview, she could have made a lot more money than the $130,000 they offered. But the adult film actress and director claims she did it because she wanted Trump's people to leave her and her family alone.
Melania Trump, a woman who rarely makes public appearances on her own these days, has not directly addressed Daniels' allegations, but her spokesperson did tweet about the 60 Minutes interview. But even that tweet was vague. It does not mention Stormy by name and seems to reference Melania Trump's son Barron.