Usher’s Herpes Lawsuit Update: Singer Will No Longer Submit To Medical Tests, His Lawyer Writes Court Docs

Kevin WinterGetty Images

A new update on Usher’s herpes lawsuit reveals that the R&B singer will no longer submit himself to further medical testing as his lawyer, Zia F. Modabber, deemed a motion filed by his sexual battery accusers to have him tested as unnecessary.

According to a report from Radar Online, the 39-year-old singer-songwriter’s lawyer stepped on the brakes on further medical tests for the sexual battery case filed against him by three different people, finding the motion pointless.

Based on an affidavit from Modabber obtained by the outlet, the American musician’s camp has already provided all necessary information for the case and now are stating that he will not undergo further testing.

“Plaintiffs eventually served written discovery requests and in response, Defendant produced documents relevant to the issue addressed by the motion,” the lawyer wrote.

“Accordingly, the motion is moot.”

In the report, the outlet also revealed correspondence from the lawyers of the three people — Quantasia Sharpton, an unnamed man, and an unnamed woman — who filed the case against him. Based on the document, Usher reportedly contested the addition of the other woman, who is referred to in the case as Jane Doe, to the case. According to his lawyers, Jane Doe is not from California so it isn’t appropriate to hear her complaint at the Los Angeles Superior Court.

However, Vanessa Hooker, who represents Usher’s herpes accusers, questioned the singer’s motive behind the motion as it appears inconsistent because Sharpton is not from California either.

“While Defendant contends that California is an inconvenient forum for him to defend against Jane Doe’s claims, he seems perfectly content to defend against Quantasia Sharpton’s claims in California despite the fact that Ms. Charpton is a resident of New York,” the plaintiff’s lawyer said in an affidavit.


The case filed by three complainants is the only remaining lawsuit against the singer about the same issue after Laura Helm’s $20 million herpes case against him was set aside. According to TMZ, the court sacked the case after her new lawyer initiated its dismissal “with intent to refile” in November 2017.

After news about his herpes nightmare emerged, cheating allegations bloomed more, leaving people wondering if it was the cause of the rift in his marriage with his second wife, Grace Miguel, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

While a joint statement he made with his “boss wife” indicated that they remain “amicable” amid their separation, some media outlets claimed that they have been having problems with intimacy during the onset of his herpes nightmare.

According to Hollywood Life’s source, the herpes scandal was the “nail in the coffin” that caused their marriage to go down the drain because it only meant that the singer had been playing around with other women — and even a man — while they were still together.

“Despite all the love she will always have for him, Grace was getting sick of the daily questions from friends and family about Usher’s shortcomings,” an insider told the outlet.