Tesla Model S 75D Uncorked Battles BMW i8 In Ice-Cold Street Race

An uncorked Tesla Model S 75D recently went on a race against a BMW i8 on the icy roads of Norway. Uploaded by YouTuber Bjorn Nyland, the video of the race featured Tesla's base Model S fighting it out with one of BMW's most attractive hybrid vehicles.

The Model S 75D is not Tesla's fastest electric car, with a rated 0-60 mph acceleration of 5.2 seconds when the vehicle was first released. Last year, however, some Model S and Model X 75D vehicles became eligible for a free performance upgrade. After the upgrade, which involved a trip to the Service Center to get the electric car "uncorked," the Model S 75D became faster, going from 0-60 mph in 4.4 seconds.

The 0-60 mph performance of an uncorked Model S 75D is quite notable, especially since it is comparable to the 0-60 times of the BMW i8. The German-made hybrid sports car, after all, has a rated 0-60 mph time of 4.4 seconds, thanks to the vehicle's 1.5-liter turbocharged 3-cylinder engine and 98 kW electric motor, according to a report by Car and Driver. Unlike the Tesla, however, the BMW i8 is not capable of having instant torque due to its internal combustion engine.

The Tesla Model S 75D uncorked and the BMW i8 dueled each other on a standing drag race and a rolling race. On the standing drag races, the uncorked Tesla just shot off in front of the BMW, leaving it in the dust. This happened twice, with Nyland, who was driving the i8, remarking that the hybrid sports car was slow compared to electric cars. Nyland, after all, has a Model X P90DL, and he has used and abused it to lengths that are unimaginable for some Tesla owners.

The rolling races were better for the BMW i8, however, as the hybrid sports car was able to catch up and overtake the uncorked Tesla Model S 75D after a few gear shifts. As concluded by Nyland and the Model S 75D's owner, however, it was really difficult to beat a Tesla on a standing drag race.

The Model S 75D is currently Tesla's base model for its full-sized luxury sedan. The electric car is the most affordable one of the Model S series, priced at $74.500. The BMW i8, on the other hand, is priced at $144,395.

Watch a video of the Model S 75D and the BMW i8 drag race below.