‘Counting On’ Has A History Of Blurring Duggar Women’s Knees, ‘In Touch’ Reports

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In Touch reports on a lot of news about the Duggar family, and the outlet just recently noticed something very strange about their show, Counting On: the women’s knees are blurred if they ever accidentally show. Those interested in looking at examples of the family doing so can have a look here, where they show numerous examples of the blurred knees.

The Duggar family first appeared on TLC in the early 2000s with several specials, the first titled 14 Kids and Pregnant Again! After the series of specials, the family came back to TLC with the series 17 Kids and Counting, which changed each time Michelle and Jim Bob added another little Duggar to their brood. During the entire time, the family has been adamant about not only their religion but also that it influences them to dress modestly.

Although some of the older Duggar women wear pants or shorts now, when they lived under Jim Bob and Michelle’s roof, that was absolutely not allowed. Instead, girls were required to wear long skirts and T-shirts with sleeves in order to ensure they stayed modest and didn’t tempt the men around them. Fans of the show may even remember that Jim Bob Duggar stated that if he saw a woman dressed inappropriately, the family used the code word “Nike” so that the men could avert their eyes.

While the Duggar family’s fashions have certainly become more modern since their first special, they still are opposed to the women having their knees showing, even if it is accidental.

In Touch stated that during a 2011 episode, Michelle Duggar, the family matriarch, went wakeboarding wearing a swim skirt and leggings, though due to the extreme nature of the sport, they didn’t stay in place. Her knees were on full display, and as a result, TLC censored them so that she could keep her dignity. Michelle was shown stating that she had asked her knees to be covered so that they weren’t shown on national television.

Jill Duggar Dillard’s knees were also blurred during a 2015 episode about her first son’s birth, as when she got a pedicure done, they were on display.

Jessa Duggar Seewald has also had her knees covered when on the plane to visit her sister, Jinger.

Jinger Duggar Vuolo, the family rebel, however, has had her knees show in some of the most recent episodes of Counting On and has not asked for them to be covered.