‘Long Island Medium’ Season Premiere Will Deal With Theresa And Larry’s Separation, Per Multiple Sources


Fans of the hit TLC show, Long Island Medium, have known for quite a few months that the marriage between the titular “medium” and her longtime husband, Larry Caputo, has been on the rocks for some time now, and this rocky marriage finally reached its apex when Theresa filed for divorce from Larry.

When Theresa and Larry announced their divorce, they asked that their fans “respect their privacy” during this difficult time, which seems to be the default answer that every erstwhile celebrity couple gives through their publicist (and, ultimately, leads to the opposite result). This, then, would lead fans to believe that this wouldn’t be covered in this season of Long Island Medium.

However, a recent report from Extra suggests that not only will the Caputo divorce be addressed in the season premiere of Long Island Medium, it will be made into a two-hour episode of the hit show.

“In the two-hour premiere, Theresa and Larry confront their marital issues and discuss their future together. When Larry said they ‘can’t go on like this,’ Theresa responded before walking away, ‘I’m at a breaking point.’ Theresa is comforted by one of her friends, revealing, ‘Right now, we’re separated. He’s in L.A.’ While tearing up, Theresa told the cameras, ‘The hardest thing I have to do is move forward and do it without Larry.’ They were married for 28 years.”

As fans of the show already know, Theresa and Larry also have two children, who are young adults, together. Fans, too, are aware that the divorce was negatively affecting Theresa, to the point that she couldn’t properly conduct her readings for clients.

However, Theresa can take comfort in knowing that she has a very high-profile fan in all of this: Kim Kardashian.

The multi-hyphenate recently took to Twitter to shout-out Theresa, saying that she was “hooked” on the show, to which Theresa tweeted back that she, too, was a fan of Mrs. Kanye West and her family.

Celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic also tweeted that Theresa was “the best,” adding that he did her master class in New York City.

The new season of Long Island Medium will return to TLC on Sunday, April 8.