‘Dragon Ball Super’ Season 5: Goku, Frieza, And Vegeta Anime Actors Voice Hope For 2019 ‘DBS’ Season 2 Sequel

Toei Animation

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 (also known as Dragon Ball Super Season 5 by English-speaking audiences) is already on the lips of the DBS voice actors and actresses behind character favorites like Goku, Vegeta, Android 17, and Frieza. Although Toei Animation is officially listing the anime series as being on an “indefinite hiatus,” Goku voice actress Masako Nozawa is calling the ending of DBS a “short break” before the next anime sequel comes.

According to a translated quote (via Reddit) from the official Dragon Ball Super website, Nozawa believes “the world of Dragon Ball will never end!”

“I feel a sense of accomplishment at the end. Sure enough, Goku was his old self!” the 81-year-old voice actress said. “Although the TV anime is taking a short break for a while, in December there is a movie. I hope that the TV anime will start again before these memories begin to linger. I think that Goku will not change and he will continue training.”

She also noted that everyone else is hearing a voice saying, “I will see you again!” Frieza voice actor Ryusei Nakao was simply surprised that he was able to perform all the way through Dragon Ball Super Season 4.

“I’ve been performing as Frieza for nearly 30 years, and I never expected this. It’s inspiring,” he said. “I didn’t think I would remain until the final episode, either. Surely everyone expected that I would betray the team halfway through or something like that? Even I thought so. In that sense, I guess I have betrayed everyone’s expectations.”

Just like Goku’s voice actress, Frieza’s voice actor believes the Dragon Ball TV anime series will return, although he noted it might not be listed as Dragon Ball Super Season 5.

“The TV series Dragon Ball Super ends here for now, but it doesn’t look like the Dragon Ball anime itself is ending, so look forward to it,” said Ryusei. “While I can’t predict what will happen to Frieza, I’m sure he’ll never reform. He will think up more evil schemes and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens to Frieza. I hope everyone else is, too.”

Vegeta transform in Dragon Ball Super.
Vegeta's transformation.Featured image credit: Phat HuuFlickr/Public Domain

Vegeta voice actor Ryo Horikawa hopes he will be able to deliver thrills to all the fans again in the future since the ending of Dragon Ball Super is not “the end of Dragon Ball itself.” He also spent a lot of time discussing how Vegeta’s character has changed during DBS.

“While he used to fight only for his own sake, and cared only about getting stronger, in Dragon Ball Super he has fought for the sake of others for the first time. For the sake of his family, for Earth, and for the universe,” Ryo said. ” I think that by having a family, the nature of his strength has changed. Before now he only cared about winning. But by acknowledging his opponents’ strength and his own weakness, he has awakened to true strength, beyond simply physical strength, and I guess that’s how he’s achieved a power-up different from Goku’s, right? That’s the feeling I get.”

Android 17’s voice actor, Shigeru Nakahara, says he’s “looking forward to Toriyama-sensei thinking up what comes next.” “Best Dad” Piccolo voice actor, Toshio Furukawa, believes the series is “growing up” since “Dragon Ball Super has stopped being a simple tale of good triumphing over evil.”

Dragon Ball has become a series for all generations and all the world. I think the final episode will be enjoyable not only for children but for all the adults, too. While this episode marks the end of the TV anime for now, I expect that it will probably start up again,” Toshio said. “Of course everyone should look forward to the movie in December, but also look forward to what will happen afterward!

Episode 131 finished the Tournament of Power story arc with a surprise twist, but the way the ending took place also opened many doors. On Twitter, Toei Animation has already confirmed that the 20th Dragon Ball movie being released on December 14, 2018, in Japan “will also continue to follow the world created in Dragon Ball Super.” Dragon Ball Super‘s manga series will also continue, and its story is often different from the anime in some ways.

Dragon Ball Super Season 5 Release Date – Is 2019 Even Possible?

First off, based on the comments by the voice actors and actresses, it seems pretty evident that the next Dragon Ball anime series will probably have a different title like Dragon Ball Ultra or somesuch. However, assuming that Super stays in the title, some fans might be confused because the anime sequel is referred to as both Dragon Ball Super Season 2 and Dragon Ball Super Season 5.

Japan treats TV seasons based on the physical weather seasons of the year. These three-month increments are referred to as “cours.” So, it’s possible for an anime to be multiple cours spanning years and yet still be a single season. Even anime series that take small breaks for a single cour are sometimes considered the same season. For example, the upcoming Food Wars Season 4 is still considered part of the third season.

In the case of DBS, the anime TV series started airing continuously in July of 2015, and the Dragon Ball Super ending was in March of 2018. Therefore, a direct sequel would be called Dragon Ball Super Season 2 in Japan. The English seasons are based on the years, so the 2018 DBS season is Dragon Ball Super Season 4. If the “short break” ends in 2019 or 2020, then the sequel would be Dragon Ball Super Season 5.

It’s debatable how short this break will be, though. The underlying issue is that a different anime called Gegege no Kitaro is taking over the Sunday time slot in the Japanese Dragon Ball Super TV schedule. That anime will run for more than 50 episodes, which means the earliest possible Dragon Ball Super Season 5 is April of 2019 assuming they desire the same time slot. Stay tuned!