‘Gold Rush’: Parker Schnabel Reacts To Rick Ness Leaving To Replace Todd Hoffman On ‘Parker’s Trail’ Preview

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Rick Ness being promoted as the new mine boss is the biggest Gold Rush news since Todd Hoffman made his announcement on February 16 to leave the show, after eight seasons, Starcasm reports. Ness, Parker Schnabel’s foreman and good friend, told his boss that he is leaving his crew and going to run his own claim.

What was Parker’s reaction to Rick leaving on the Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail Guyana preview episode, “Mining with Monsters”?

Before heading out to Guyana, the two pals were hanging out, and Rick told Parker that he had “some pretty big news.”

“I’m going out mining on my own.”

Although surprised by the news, Parker wasn’t angry. Instead, he expressed his appreciation to his friend, who was also his right-hand man. Ness helped him achieve the seemingly impossible feat of mining more than 6,000 ounces of gold during Season 8 of Gold Rush.

“I owe you a lot man, like, I owe you a lot.

The always sensitive Rick wanted to make sure it was cool with Parker, especially as they were about to embark on their adventurous gold mining trip to Guyana.

“I don’t want this to ruin this trip.”

Rick even gave Parker the easy way out if he was not happy.

“If it does, if you wanted to bail, I’d understand as well.”

Parker, who has been seen showing his anger on the show, totally had a different reaction. It was clear that he was sad to lose Rick. Ness has been integral to the success of his very streamlined operation. But most of all, he has always admired Rick’s non-stop work ethic and let him know it.

“I completely get it. If I were in your shoes, I’d be looking at doing the same exact thing, so it’s hard for me to sit here and be mad. And I’ve done as much as I can to do that exact thing. You have taken a lot of s*** over the last six years, and there’s been plenty of times where I look back and, boy, you could have walked away. Easily justified, and [BLEEP], you’re a, I mean, you are, by far, the hardest worker out of any of these groups.”

Rick simply explained that he was going because it was his next step up.

“I’m just trying to better myself, right?”

Parker, who has always been incredibly ambitious for one so young, could never criticize someone else who has the same ambition.

“And I am never going to fault somebody for that.”

Then Rick thanked Parker for “taking a chance” and transforming him from being a touring musician to a successful gold miner. The two had met in Haines, Alaska around seven years ago, and they instantly connected. About six months later, Parker invited Ness to join him and it was clear Ness never looked back.

Parker knew that he clearly had a hard worker who was always willing to learn. Parker never gave up on Rick. Ness reminded him that Parker was always there to support him, and he appreciated it. Now it was time for to take the next big step.

“Well… And you did stand by me and you did give me a lot of shots, and I will forever be grateful for that. But I think it is time for me to move on.”

Parker knows that Rick will do great in his new challenge and let his former foreman know this before the two shared a laugh and a beer.

“I know you will try to do your best.”

Later, to the camera, Parker gives his thoughts on Rick’s departure. It was clear that their friendship was the first thing on his mind, but he was clearly shocked.

“It was quite the bombshell, him telling me he’s not coming back next year. And I really respect and appreciate him for letting me know that now. But what really makes me OK with this is that, you know, is that we can walk away friends, and hopefully we will be friends for the rest of our lives.”

Starcasm reminds readers that throughout the Season 8 of Gold Rush, Parker and Rick were at odds with each other. Rick had some of his own ideas, and although he sometimes went against Parker’s wishes, Rick wound up being successful in uncovering more gold, demonstrating that he has developed some good gold mining skills.

Rick previously admitted that Parker has a hard time being a friend and a boss at the same time.

Losing a friend and a good employee is never easy for anyone. Yet, in the end, Parker’s immediate reaction was that of friendship and happiness for his friend, but it was also bittersweet, as the two will not share the same mining experiences together again.

Perhaps in Gold Rush Season 9, the two good friends will have a friendly rivalry, and it would not be a surprise if Discovery encourages the pals to make a friendly wager.

Parker is again standing on his own. A couple of years ago, he lost the man who taught him how to mine — his beloved grandfather John Schnabel. Just a few years ago, his mentor Gene Cheeseman left him to join Tony Beets. And now, he has recently broken up with his girlfriend Ashley Youle, something he blames himself for, and now he is losing his pal Rick Ness. This will certainly be a challenging year, especially if any of his crew heads over to work with Rick.

Clearly, the life of mining rewards those who work hard enough to grasp the brass ring, and it is evident that Parker knows that Rick becoming the new mine boss will present challenges and growth opportunities for Ness that will ultimately achieve his gold mining dreams. Yet, Parker is clearly sad that this shocking news means he will no longer be mining with his best friend.