Kim Kardashian Photoshop Fail: ‘KUWTK’ Star Slammed For Trying To Look Slim In New Pic, Reports ‘Radar Online’

Charley GallayGetty Images

Kim Kardashian has become subject of headlines for reportedly sharing a “fake” image of herself during the March For Our Lives demonstration on Saturday that turned a battle cry into a laughing stock on social media.

Many celebrities and Hollywood personalities showed their support for the anti-gun protest held this weekend and Kim Kardashian West was no exception. With Kanye and North in tow, the 37-year-old mother of three and reality TV star joined the rally that aimed to seek change to avoid more gun violence in the future.

But while her intention may be innocent, it looks as though her post that was intended to show her support for the cause had backfired after social media users caught sight of the altered image she posted on Instagram.

According to Radar Online, the Kim Kardashian Photoshop fail caused social media users to bash the reality TV star for trying to use the demonstration to promote herself.

“Only Kim would use a demonstration to promote herself. Photoshop fail,” Instagram user Elizabeth Yorkshire wrote.

Some also noted how she tried to make herself look thin but failed to uphold the laws of physics in the picture that appears to have undergone Photoshop modification.

“Ready to march but 1st take a pic, make herself look thin while ignoring the physics of shrinking a vehicle. No shame.”

Commenting on the post has since been disabled but the photo remains on Kim Kardashian’s Instagram account.

Quite noticeably, the image she shared shows a car that was digitally squashed in the background as well as some questionable parts of in the photo which looked like they were liquefied using the powerful photo-editing software developed by Adobe.

While her solo photo appears to have been compromised, she still showed her support for the anti-gun violence demonstration by sharing photos of her husband and their eldest child, North.


She also shared her thoughts about the rally and how she felt when she heard heartbreaking stories of families who lost a loved one or have been affected by gun violence, one way or another, in a different tweet.


Still, some people are unconvinced about the sincerity of her attendance during Saturday’s March For Our Lives protest and recalled how she reacted after being robbed at gunpoint.


Even so, the Kim Kardashian Photoshop fail didn’t appear to dampen the KUWTK star’s spirit based on what she posted on Twitter.