Hugh Jackman Open To More Musicals, Something ‘Lighter’ Next Time

Hugh Jackman is open to doing more musicals but would prefer something “lighter” than Les Misérables next time.

The success of the movie adaptation worked in Jackman’s favor, earning him a Golden Globe award on Sunday.

Jackman spoke with E! Online’s Marc Malkin during the BAFTA Tea reception at the Four Seasons Beverly Hills, saying:

“I think I wanna do maybe a lighter one next time. What about some dancing in the next one?”

It’s understandable the actor, who played Jean Valjean in Les Mis, would want a lighter role next time as Valjean is a wanted criminal trying to hide from the police as he raises his daughter during the French revolution.

Metro UK notes that Jackman already has the next musical picked out, claiming, “I wouldn’t mind doing Sky Masterson. That would be fun.” Masterson is the lead for the 1950s musical Guys and Dolls. It won the Tony award for Best Musical during its time.

Masterson is a New York City gambler who is challenged to a bet to meet a woman and convince her to travel with him to Havana. The musical was adapted into a movie in 1955. The movie featured Marlon Brando as Sky, with Farnk Sinatra, Jean Simmons, and Vivian Blaine co-starring.

Hugh Jackman recently revealed that he had to go on a drastic diet to lose weight for Les Misérables. He stated, “I lost about 20lb. I was in the gym for at least three hours a day. Then I went on a water restriction diet where you don’t have any liquid for 36 hours.”

Would you like to see Hugh Jackman perform in another musical? Check out Hugh Jackman singing during Les Misérables and let us know in the comments below!