Microsoft Seems To Have Given The Surface Phone Its Official Working Codename

Andrew BurtonGetty Images

After a few weeks of dormancy, the rumor mill has begun moving once more for the Surface Phone. Recent rumors have emerged stating that Microsoft has decided on an internal codename for its cryptic and mysterious device — Project AND.

The codename for the Surface Phone was posted by notable Microsoft leaker group Walking Cat, which released the moniker on Twitter. According to the group, the foldable, hybrid device is being called by the company as “Project AND,” much like the XBOX One X was called Project Scorpio prior to its release.

The release of a codename for the Surface Phone bodes well for the project. For one, it appears like Microsoft is finally ready to take its foray into the mobile sphere seriously again. Also, the fact that the handset has an internal moniker means that Microsoft is stepping up on the development of the powerhouse mobile device. It would not even be surprising if an unveiling would happen sooner than we think.

One thing that’s interesting, however, is the meaning behind the words Project AND. As noted in a Windows Latest report, the “AND” might simply be shorthand for “Andromeda,” the rumored name of the handset. Speculations are also abounding, however, that AND might also refer to the acronym of the device. What this acronym might be is up for speculation, though rumors point to the notion of the handset being dubbed as an “Adaptive Notebook Device.”


In a lot of ways, the rumored acronym for the Surface Phone definitely makes sense. If there is one theme that is pervading among the latest leaks about the Surface Phone, after all, it is that the handset would be targeted towards users who value productivity over everything else. Thus, the notion that the Surface Phone will be running the full version of Windows 10 and have complete support for desktop-grade Windows programs.

As we reported previously here at the Inquisitr, recent patents have emerged teasing what could be a key component of the upcoming handset. Based on the patents which have emerged so far, it appears that the Surface Phone might make use of a special hinge that would allow the handset to fold and unfold. Fortunately for Microsoft, hinges are something that the Surface series has mastered over the years, as proven by devices such as the Surface Book, Surface Studio, and of course, the Surface Pro.