Here Is Why The WWE 'Raw' 'Ultimate Deletion' Match Was Cut From Hulu

On Monday Night Raw, the feud between Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt culminated in the "Ultimate Deletion" match. This match was a reincarnation of the Impact Wrestling "Final Deletion" match between Matt and Jeff Hardy, which turned out to be one of the most popular matches in Impact Wrestling history. In fact, there was even speculation that WWE talent watched the match, and it inspired the bizarre match between the Wyatt Family and the New Day.

In an attempt to put lightning in a bottle twice, WWE aired the "Ultimate Deletion" match at the end of the program. The match started with Wyatt entering the Hardy compound and being approached by Matt Hardy, via a hologram on Vanguard 1. Wyatt, carrying his lantern, walked down the path in anticipation to brawl with his nemesis.

During the match, both Hardy and Wyatt experienced advantages, but this match had a bit less theatrics and props than the Impact Wrestling "Final Deletion" match. There was a part of the segment where the two entered the "Dome of Deletion," which is a wrestling ring in the warehouse portion of the Hardy home, and was also where the Hardys hosted an episode of Impact Wrestling. The episode was called Total Nonstop Deletion, and featured appearances from Disco Inferno, Hornswoggle, as well as WWE Hall of Famers Ricky Morton, Robert Gibson, and Road Warrior Animal.


Hulu Subscribers Were Not Happy That The Match Was "Deleted"

In the end, Hardy defeated Wyatt, and Brother Nero (Jeff Hardy) appeared to face Wyatt before he was thrown into the Lake of Reincarnation. While the match itself received mixed reviews from the WWE Universe, it did generate a heavy buzz that is still being discussed today.

Unfortunately, for subscribers of Hulu, the match was almost entirely unavailable. In addition to it cutting off after only a couple of minutes on the live version, the 90-minute version did not show the match at all, according to people who complained about this issue.

A fan reached out to Hulu as to why the match was not added to the condensed version, and they responded.

"Our rights to WWE content allow us to post pre-formatted 90-minute specials of Raw. We don't make any edits on our end, but we'll share the concern about the omitted match with the right team here."
Typically, since Hulu has to cut the On Demand version in half, only the most important factors of Raw are included. Apparently, the Ultimate Deletion match did not make the cut regarding level of importance, and fans were not happy as this decision.