Mother Sexually Abused Five-Year-Old Daughter And Live-Streamed It For Her ‘Online Master’

A mother from the Swiss city of St. Gallen has been sentenced to just four years in prison after sexually abusing her 5-year-old daughter and broadcasting the act online.

The suspect, identified by the court as Sara I, reportedly abused her own child in a sexual manner and live-streamed it for her “online master,” the Daily Mail reported.

Apparently, the 31-year-old mother has signed an agreement to be a “sex slave” for Frank Heitmuller, a married father of three from Germany. The suspect allegedly regarded the 53-year-old pervert as her “owner” and expressed her desire for him to take her young daughter’s virginity.

Sara I reportedly signed a contract stating that she had sold her “body, mind, and soul” to Heitmuller, whom she considered her “online master.” The agreement also confirmed that she is now his “object and property.”

However, what makes the matter even more unbearable is the fact that she willingly “[entrusted] the upbringing” of her daughter to Heitmuller.

During the investigation, it has been revealed that Sara I started to sexually abuse her young daughter by giving her massages between her legs, which then escalated to using sex toys on her while in front of the computer.

As the obscene act is taking place, Heitmuller is reportedly watching and recording it for him to enjoy again later. It was also alleged that he ordered the suspect not to call her daughter by name during their sexual act. Instead, he gave her the nickname “Piglet.”

In a court appearance, Sara I reportedly showed remorse, claiming that she felt disgusted with what she did to her daughter. Heitmuller, on the other hand, denied the accusations against him.

In his defense, he said he was only concerned about maintaining his online relationship with the suspect. He also reiterated that he is not a pedophile, adding that he has three children with his wife.

Meanwhile, the sexual abuse was reportedly discovered by Heitmuller’s wife when she found the obscene material on his computer. The shocked woman immediately called the police, which prompted the investigation.

According to authorities, they have found pictures and videos of the suspect and her daughter doing sexual acts. He also allegedly sent pictures of his penis to Sara I and ordered her to show it to her daughter. Apparently, the “online master” wanted the child to “get used to it.”

A Swiss judge has sentenced Sara I to four years and three months in jail. As for Heitmuller, he is sentenced to five years behind bars.

Both the suspects are also banned from any activities and contact with children for 10 years. They are also required to undergo psychological tests.