President Donald Trump Seen Without Melania Trump En Route To Mar-A-Lago [Video]

President Donald Trump was photographed and videotaped waving as he walked toward Air Force One after arriving at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland. The below video shows Trump’s departure for his expected trip for the weekend to Mar-a-Lago in West Palm Beach, Florida, on Friday, March 23. Trump left for Mar-a-Lago, as reported by ABC News, after signing a bill that would stop the government from being shut down. Curious viewers of the video are asking one question on Facebook: Where is first lady Melania Trump?

As reported in the press schedule for Friday from the White House’s Office of the Press Secretary, both Mr. and Mrs. Trump were expected to leave the White House via the South Lawn en route to Joint Base Andrews. The couple was expected to arrive at Joint Base Andrews and depart by 5 p.m. en route to Palm Beach International Airport, arriving by 7:20 p.m. Next, President Trump and Melania were expected to leave Palm Beach International Airport en route to Mar-a-Lago approximately 10 minutes later.

However, the above photo shows President Trump leaving the White House for Mar-A-Lago, walking alone to the Marine One helicopter. According to CNN, Melania went solo to Air Force One once more, and President Trump ignored questions shouted at him about Karen McDougal as he walked to the aircraft.

The publication reports that Melania and President Trump plan to remain at Mar-a-Lago, but for different periods of time. President Trump is expected to stay there for the weekend, but Melania is planning on staying longer, since Barron Trump’s spring break vacation is the following week. The first lady is scheduled to remain for the week.

Melania spent time honoring “Women of Courage” on Friday, as reported by People.

Four days ago, Melania and Donald were videotaped arm-in-arm after Melania stumbled on the South Lawn and President Trump caught her. By Friday, Melania and President Trump were not shown on video walking together to Marine One or Air Force One.