Scott Sherwood: High School Students Google Their New Teacher, Discover His Secret Life As Adult Film Star

Scott Sherwood apparently couldn’t leave his past as an adult film star behind when he took a new job as a high school math teacher.

Students at Peacehaven Community School in the U.K. decided to take to the internet to learn about their new math teacher, who had moved there from Australia. What they found was an extensive slate of adult movies under the name Aaron Cage, including such X-rated fare as Manpower and Gruff Stuff, reported.

News of Sherwood’s secret job spread quickly, with one student even sharing his new identity on a YouTube video of an interview he gave as Aaron Cage.

The teacher reportedly worked with Colt film studios, a San-Francisco-based company that has made gay adult films for the last 51 years. As the report noted, some of the teacher’s explicit movies then began circulating among students, and word then made its way to administrators.

The discovery led school officials to suspend Scott Sherwood, with acting head teacher Austen Hindman noting that there was a mutual decision for Sherwood to take leave while the school conducted a full investigation.

As the Sun noted, via the New York Post, some parents were furious that the school had hired an adult film star to teach the children, though some of the students apparently found it amusing.

This is not the first time that a teacher has been outed as an adult film star. Last year, a preschool teacher named Nina Skye came clean about her work moonlighting in adult films. As the Daily Mail reported, the 21-year-old had worked at a private religious school, but lost her position after going public with her side-job.

Though Skye said she felt she had a calling as a teacher, she found it too hard to give up her work in the adult film industry, where she was paid as much as $2,500 for a single scene. She ultimately lost her job, but the attention around her story helped boost her profile and led her videos to trend across the internet.

It was not yet clear if Scott Sherwood would lose his job as a teacher after the discovery that he had worked as an adult film star.