iPad Announcement Excites Consumers, But iPad Pro Will Have To Wait

Apple is holding an educational event in Chicago next week. According to Engadget, Apple will be discussing educational solutions. However, most see it as an opportunity for Apple to not only get back in the good graces of educators, but to also announce some new iPads.

Many believe that Apple will introduce a lower-end 9.7-inch tablet. According to MacRumors, this new low-cost model may even support the Apple Pencil.

“Apple’s new low-cost 9.7-inch iPad may include support for the Apple Pencil, according to a new note to investors shared this morning by KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.”

The article adds that the logo to the event’s invitation has been drawn using the Apple Pencil. Since the current Apple Pencil costs $100, it is hoped that Apple is releasing a lower-cost pencil. These possibilities have created excitement in the comments section after the article.

“If they can bring the price of the pencil down, I can see plenty of schools adopting this. Note taking on tablets is becoming popular among the next generation,” says Uni Grad.

“I tried the original iPad Pro with Pencil, it was great but not enough for the price for me. A cheap iPad with Pencil might be a great option though,” claims Sunapple.

iPad Pro 2018

Most sources have Apple announcing only a cheaper iPad, so it looks like iPad Pro fans will have to wait until later this year. Cult of Mac predicts that the updated iPad Pro models could come in June. The website claims that the new iPad will have slimmer bezels (which may make it more difficult to handle), Face ID, a deleted Home button, and — perhaps — a dual-lens camera. It will basically be like a much-larger version of the iPhone X, which everybody isn’t happy about. Comments after a similar article about the upcoming iPad Pro on Mac Rumors are mixed.

“Glad I picked up a current gen iPad Pro 10.5 recently. It might be the last iPad to have Touch ID. I’m not yet convinced Face ID is better/faster/easier, so pleased that I have Touch ID iPad,” says BMcCoy.

“Can’t wait to get my hands on a new one,” claims Magicschoolbus

There is a lot of excitement for the new iPad Pro on Twitter.

Although iPad sales aren’t what they used to be, Apple has increased their tablet stock after releasing the iPad Pro in 2016. The device finally added in an optional Apple Pencil for digital inking — something Apple fans have been wishing for since the first iPad was released on 2010. It will be interesting to see if Apple eventually releases an iPad Pro that runs macOS — a dream come true for Apple fanatics.