New Poll Shows Two-Thirds Of Americans Think Donald Trump Is A Bad Role Model For Children

Donald Trump is many things to different people, but most Americans agree that he isn’t a good role model for children. Following one of Trump’s most scandal-ridden months in the White House, a new poll revealed that two-thirds of Americans believe that Trump is a bad role model for kids — but that’s still slightly better than former president Bill Clinton.

According to the Washington Post, a new poll released by Quinnipiac shows that only 29 percent of citizens believe Trump is a good example for kids, while 67 percent feel he is not.

This backs up an earlier poll that produced the same numbers. While it’s a terrible thing that the President of the United States isn’t considered a good role model for American youth, Trump’s numbers are slightly better than Clinton’s were in this department back in 1998. At the time, over 75 percent of Americans thought kids should not look up to Clinton.

To be fair, Clinton was fresh off his shocking affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. He was also battling an impeachment that almost got him removed from office. Trump is facing similar accusations of infidelity, though his affairs happened long before he was elected president.

In one of the cases, former porn star Stormy Daniels claims that she hooked up with Trump over a decade ago and that his lawyer paid her $130,000 to keep quiet. Trump is also fighting claims that he sexually harassed women.

It is difficult to tell whether these numbers will affect Trump’s presidency moving forward. After 1998, Clinton’s overall approval remained high (56 percent) with the general public and even peaked at 67 percent during his last year in office. Trump has suffered from low approval ratings throughout his first year as president, and the latest round of scandals probably won’t help it any.

Donald Trump’s situation is also very different than Clinton’s. Trump is president at a time when social media has become more influential, and his use of it has garnered a lot of criticism over the past few years. With more women coming forward claiming that they’ve had an affair with Trump, it will be interesting to see how he reacts on Twitter.

The latest person to come forward is Karen McDougal, a former model for Playboy who says that Trump tried to pay her for sex, according to CNN. Former Apprentice star Summer Zervos also claims that Trump made sexual advances towards her.

Trump has remained silent on the issue of his infidelity, though White House spokespersons have denied the accusations. As far as McDougal is concerned, she believes the time is right to tell her side of the story finally.

“I want to share my truth because everyone else is talking about my truth. I need to share my story…. I’ve never talked, since the day it happened,” she explained. “I have refused to speak publicly, privately even. My friends know, my family know, but nobody else knows. I wanted to keep it quiet. But now that it’s out, I need to control it.”

Ironically Donald Trump has not tweeted about McDougal’s accusations.

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