Brothers Steal Father’s Corpse With Hopes To Resurrect Him, Police Say

Clarence Street passed away at the age of 93 but his sons weren’t willing to let him go. Street’s sons were arrested this week after they allegedly stole their father’s corpse from the Gethsemane Cemetery in Detroit. According to police, Street’s sons had plans to resurrect their father.

According to the Associated Press, Street was supposed to be buried on Saturday at the Detroit cemetery but rain and soggy ground delayed the burial. Street was moved in his casket to a nearby mausoleum. The 93-year-old man was scheduled to be buried this week but funeral workers discovered on Monday morning that the casket had gone missing.

Police found the empty casket in the van outside of a gas station near the funeral home. The body was later found inside of a freezer at the suspects’ home.

Lt. Harold Rochon said:

“In the interview with the son, he was very, very, very distraught. He is very religious, and he was hoping his father would be resurrected. He was hoping for a miracle. (He) didn’t want to be separated from his father.”

According to the Detroit News, the two brothers could be charged with felony disinterment. If found guilty they could face up to 10 years in prison.

What do you think of the two corpse stealing brothers? Do you feel sorry for their loss? Are you surprised that they thought they could resurrect their father?