March 22, 2018
Disturbing Video Shows Dad Plunge Hundreds Of Feet In Bungee Jump While Holding His 2-Year-Old Daughter

A viral video showing a father plunging hundreds of feet in a bungee jump while holding his toddler daughter is creating controversy, and has many taking aim at the Malaysian reality television star who took the leap with the young girl.

Video of the jump showed up on Instagram this week, showing a man named Redha Rozlan holding his 2-year-old daughter while standing on top of a bridge with a river more than 200 feet below. As the New York Post noted, Rozlan was seen patting his terrified daughter on the back several times as she buried his head into her father's shoulder.

The man then counted down from three and fell backward off the bridge, his daughter clutching more tightly as they fell off the bridge and plummeted toward the river bed below.

The video has generated quite a bit of controversy and accusations that Redha Rozlan placed his daughter in danger during the jump, but the Malaysian reality star defended his actions, saying that the young girl was properly secured and excited for the jump.

"Chill, guys," he responded to critics (via the New York Post). "Don't try with your kids if your kids [are] not ready for this."

Rozlan already had a reputation as something of a daredevil, and was the first Malaysian contestant to appear on Vietnam Ninja Warrior, the Daily Mirror noted.

The full video of the jump and the aftermath can be seen below.

The company that ran the bungee jump, Rentas Adventures, posted video of the jump and also has other clips of young children jumping with adults. Another video showed a boy tethered to the back of an adult man as they completed the same jump as Redha Rozlan.

These too generated some critical comments, with people noting that it not safe and that children that young should not be put in harm's way, especially when they are too young to properly consent to it.

The video of the father bungee jumping with his 2-year-old daughter has generated international attention, with video spreading across social media and news outlets including the Daily Mirror posting stories about the controversy it caused.

Though the video of the bungee jump has generated quite a bit of controversy, it does not appear that Rodha Rozlan faces any kind of investigation.