Jinger Duggar Reveals Whether She And Jeremy Vuolo Know Sex Of Their Baby

Jinger Duggar recently responded to a question that her fans have been desperately begging her to answer. For weeks, there's been speculation about whether the pregnant Counting On star and her husband Jeremy Vuolo are expecting a baby girl or a baby boy. Fans have been searching for clues about the sex of the couple's baby on Jinger's Instagram page, but the future mom recently revealed that their sleuthing is in vain.

During an interview with Us Weekly, Jinger Duggar finally responded to the fans who keeping asking her if the color of chalk that she uses in her baby bump photos is a hint about her baby's sex. In all of these Instagram "bumpdates," the pregnant Duggar daughter is standing in front of a chalkboard that notes how many weeks she is along and how big her baby currently is. Starting with her second such photo, she began writing the word "baby" in blue chalk (it was written in orange in the first one). Some of her Instagram followers assumed that this was an indication that she's pregnant with a baby boy.

However, the Duggar daughter denied that this is the case, and she said that she and Jeremy Vuolo haven't even found out their baby's sex yet.

"I just happened to use blue chalk that day and everyone automatically jumps to conclusions and it had nothing to do with that," Jinger said.

"The gender has not been known and so it's like, we just put blue chalk on that and everyone thought, 'Ah, I know what she's having now.'"
Jinger Duggar did not say whether she and Jeremy Vuolo plan on finding out their baby's sex. However, the Counting On stars could probably learn it right now, if they so desired. According to Parents Magazine, the sex of most babies can be determined on an ultrasound at around 18-20 weeks. Jinger is currently approaching week 23 of her pregnancy.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Joseph Duggar and his wife, Kendra Caldwell, are also expecting their first child later this year. Kendra's due date falls just a few weeks before that of her sister-in-law, and she and Joseph have already learned their baby's sex.

Joseph and Kendra carried on the Duggar family tradition of having a "gender reveal party" to let their loved ones know that they're having a baby boy. The couple used explosives mixed with blue powder and a gun for their big gender reveal. There was no such celebration for new parents Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth. They decided to do things differently by waiting until their baby was born to find out whether they had a son or daughter. Fans will just have to wait and see if Jinger and Jeremy opt to do the same.

Jinger said that Jeremy doesn't have a preference when it comes to their baby's sex, and she stated that she's just "super excited to see it." In their pregnancy announcement video, she guessed that she's pregnant with a baby boy, and Jeremy agreed with her prediction that their first child will be a son.