March 21, 2018
Erik Karlsson Takes A Step Back From Hockey As He Mourns A Devastating Loss, According To 'Us Weekly'

Erik Karlsson sat out of a game earlier this week when the Ottawa Senators played against the Florida Panthers. Speculations were swirling about why the captain wasn't playing, but no one could have guessed the magnitude of what he was dealing with.

Back in August, Erik Karlsson tied the knot with his wife, Melinda. The two have been familiar faces for the Ottawa Senators' fans. They are involved in events for the team, and she attended his games to support him. In November, Melinda announced she was expecting the couple's first child. She was elated to share the news with her friends and family. Unfortunately, things have not gone as planned. According to Us Weekly, Erik Karlsson and his wife are mourning the loss of his son just a month before he was due.

The news about Erik Karlsson's loss has come as a shock to fans. An official statement was placed on the team's website, but no details were revealed. All that is known for sure is that Karlsson and his wife are mourning their son who was stillborn. They have asked for privacy, which has been respected for the most part by people who have sent condolences. A few of the Ottawa Senators have commented about the loss and how the family is in their thoughts, but no one has given any personal details out of respect for Erik and Melinda.

With the hockey season in full swing, there isn't a return date given for Erik Karlsson. He will be taking time away from the sport to grieve with his wife and family as they deal with the unimaginable loss they suffered. This would have been their first child together, one they both were incredibly excited to welcome in the upcoming weeks. The Ottawa Senators will continue playing their scheduled game while their captain is out healing in the weeks to come. Karlsson will return to hockey when he feels the time is right and when he is able to focus on the game.

Fans of the Ottawa Senators have been sending out condolences since the news about the baby was made public. Losing a child is never easy, and Erik and Melinda Karlsson are working through their reality one day at a time.