Melania Trump's $3,950 Chloe Coat Sold Out - $1,625 Boots Get Buzz After Melania Trips, Nearly Falls [Video]

Paula Mooney

Call it the stumble, near fall and catch seen around the world. As reported by the Inquisitr, President Donald Trump reached out to stable a falling First Lady Melania Trump as they departed the Oval Office and walked across the South Lawn of the White House on Monday, March 19. The Trumps were en route to Manchester, New Hampshire, but Melania's ensemble gained plenty of attention after videos of Melania tripping went viral.

As seen in the above video from The Telegraph, titled "Melania Trump stumbles in high-heeled boots," Melania almost made it to the Marine One helicopter without incident, however, navigating her high-heeled boots on the grass became a challenge when Melania's right boot's heel could be seen twisting and slanting as she walked, causing her to trip slightly.

According to Breitbart, Melania's boots were from the Gianvito Rossi line, with the knee-high Italian leather boots now getting their fair share of attention. As seen on the Barneys New York website, the boots are described as having a "subtle slouchy fit." Gianvito Rossi's boots are comprised of nappa leather and have been designed to include thick, leather-covered, four-inch heels and a tapered almond toe. The boots can be pulled on, instead of zipped up and tapered to the leg, which could explain a lesser level of ankle support.

Lined with leather and enjoying a leather sole, the Rossi leather knee boots are currently priced at $1,625. The color almond - which appears to be the hue that Melania donned during her slight stumble and near fall - is available from sizes five to 11, but the off-white color only has three sizes left for sale as of this writing. The "bisque" hue, which appears to be a light tan color, shows several sizes of the boot sold out. The black version of the boots that Melania wore also has several sizes sold out.

Sites like Lyst report that the coat was last seen for $1,580 at Saks Fifth Avenue, however, the Saks site no longer has the coat listed.