March 20, 2018
Justin Bieber Romance Reportedly Means 'Bad News' For Selena Gomez: 'ET' Reports On Shocking Rumors Why

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez recently rekindled their romance once more. And even though rumors are swirling that Justin and Selena just broke up again, insiders told ET that Bieber and Gomez are just taking a break and are still officially a couple. Although Selena and Justin are still in an "on" phase of their on-again, off-again romance, Gomez's closest friends reportedly view her relationship with Bieber as "bad news," according to one of the sources. The insider revealed all the reasons why her pals are so concerned.

"There's a big crew of people [in Selena Gomez's inner circle of friends] who really don't like Justin [Bieber] and they especially don't like him with Selena. They think he's bad news for Selena and don't approve of the relationship."

It's reportedly not just a few of Selena's pals who dislike Justin. The insider claimed that "a lot" of Gomez's friends "really don't like" Bieber.

Selena Gomez's Pals Reportedly Fear Her Romance With Justin Bieber Makes Her "Dependent" On Him

Although Justin does pay attention to what Selena's friends think about him, he hasn't succeeded in persuading them to become Beliebers, according to the source. Gomez's friends in the entertainment industry are rumored to believe that Bieber is a "bad influence" on his songstress girlfriend.

"Selena's pals... have witnessed Justin Bieber bring out the worst in her.... She becomes really dependent on him."

Praising Gomez as "generous and loyal," the insider revealed that Selena "puts 100% of herself into everything." But when it comes to investing herself in her romance with Justin Bieber, added the insider, it "isn't always the healthiest."

Justin Bieber Reportedly Tries To "Win Over" Selena Gomez's Friends

Selena has an exceptionally loyal and close group of friends, according to the source. And those pals reportedly feel no pressure to include Justin in their circle or throw a welcome party to celebrate Bieber's renewed romance with the songstress.

"[Justin Bieber] does care what her friends and family think and has tried to win them over, but some of them are just over it. They're there for Selena and support her no matter what, but don't feel like they need to welcome back Justin."

The insider pointed out that Selena is typically photographed with her friends or with Justin Bieber — but never in a "the gang's all here" photo with both her pals and the Biebs.

Denying rumors that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have broken up again, an insider told 'ET' that Selena is just taking a vacation.
Denying rumors that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have broken up again, an insider told 'ET' that Selena is just taking a vacation.

"If you notice, Selena keeps her friends and Justin separate -- when she's with Justin, it's just Justin, and when she's with her old friends, it's just them," said the source. "They don't really overlap anymore."

Selena Gomez Caught In the Middle Between Justin Bieber And Buddies

When Gomez and Bieber first rekindled their romance in January, her friends and family (especially her mom, Mandy Teefey) expressed concerns about the Jelena reunion, according to ET. The situation is rumored to have trapped Selena in the middle.

"[Selena] Gomez has been trying her best to 'keep the peace' between Bieber and her friend circle."

There's only one exception to the lack of overlap, and that's in church, added the source. Spending time with their mutual friends from church has turned into a "really positive" situation for Justin and Selena, according to the insider. However, Gomez reportedly is attempting to handle her relationships this time around by not prioritizing Bieber.

"She's not going to abandon herself or her friends for Justin, that's a big difference this time around," clarified the source. "She's making a point not to put him ahead of everything and everyone else."

As the Inquisitr reported, Selena recently stunned Jelena fans by making her renewed romance with Justin Bieber Instagram official. Gomez wished Bieber happy birthday in the caption. The image showing Selena with Justin's photo on her forehead remains on her Instagram page, another indication that their romance is still on.

Selena values her close friendships, and she was spotted on a yacht on vacation in Sydney, Australia, with some of her inner circle.

Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez "Still Together" Amid Break Rumors

The insider described Gomez as a "people pleaser," revealing that she dislikes disappointing anyone. But the source also predicted that as she attempts to keep both Bieber and her inner circle of pals happy, something will need to change. For now, however, another insider told ET that Justin and Selena are still involved in a romance.

"Jelena [has] not broken up. [Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are] still together."

At this point, Selena is taking a break from work and the pressures of spending time with family, according to the insider. The spotlight on her romance with Justin, her health, and her family became too much, leading to her much-needed vacation, said the source. Calling Gomez "very delicate," the insider added that the constant scrutiny of her relationship with Bieber and her mom made the songstress decide to take time for herself.

"This is not the first time she has done this," pointed out the source.