Jim Carrey Creates ‘Monstrous’ Portrait Of Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Or So Says Media — But It’s Nameless

A portrait believed to be that of Sarah Huckabee Sanders has stirred up backlash for Jim Carrey today.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders
Pablo Martinez Monsivais / AP Images

A portrait believed to be that of Sarah Huckabee Sanders has stirred up backlash for Jim Carrey today.

An unnamed portrait created by Jim Carrey that resembles Sarah Huckabee Sanders is ruffling the feathers of quite a few online. The comedian’s handiwork has been described as “disgraceful,” among other critiques, according to Fox News.

Jim Carrey, who is recognized by some as an accomplished artist, used his talent this time around to create an unflattering depiction of a woman resembling Sanders. Although more popularly known as the White House press secretary, Sarah is also a mother to three young children. Carrey described his portrait as “monstrous” when he shared it in a tweet with the masses today.

The art world has not been nice to the Trump administration in recent days; last week, the target was none other than the president himself. As reported in an earlier Inquisitr article, Donald Trump was painted in the nude with “tiny hands” for the cover of the New Yorker magazine. Like Carrey’s painting, the New Yorker‘s artwork received negative reactions online. Trump’s image is seen here from the New Yorker.

Jim Carrey tweeted the image on Saturday, and according to Fox News, the backlash over this depiction followed immediately after posting. Fox News describes the portrait as showing the White House press secretary in a “terrifying garish light.”

This is not the first portrait that brought backlash to Carrey recently. Last month, following the Florida high school shooting, Carrey tweeted an image that appeared to show a dead school girl on top of an American flag soaked in blood, reports Fox News.

Carrey revealed that he was devoting more time to his paintings and taking a break from making movies to do so. He also said that political art, such as his latest tweeted images, is not a new concept for him.

The Wrap reports that Carrey never mentioned the name of Sarah Huckabee Sanders when he posted the image, but folks on Twitter had no doubt about who the subject in this portrait really is. Below are some of the reactions online to Carrey’s rendition of what is believed to be a portrait of White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.