Kim Kardashian Has Not Threatened To Take Kids Away From Kanye West, Despite Tabloid Report [Debunked]

Jamie McCarthyGetty Images

Kim Kardashian has given her husband, Kanye West, an ultimatum: honor your duties as a dad or she’s leaving and she’s taking the kids with her. At least that’s according to a tabloid article in Star Magazine. But Gossip Cop is on the case and they say that the story is nothing but fake news.

“Kim has her hands full with the [new] baby and was really counting on Kanye to be here, but he’s MIA as usual,” an alleged member of Kim’s inner circle told Star, as reported by Gossip Cop. “She’s so fed up that she’s already met with lawyers.” According to Star, Kim’s attorneys have told her that “she has a fighting chance of getting her way” in front of a judge.

Kim reportedly has a trump card that she can play in the event of a divorce, a video of Kanye behaving frantically ahead of his public mental breakdown in 2016. An “insider source” claims that Kim can use it to prove that Kanye is not mentally fit to be a good father. The purported insider also claims that Kim Kardashian’s mom, Kris Jenner, is on board with separating Kanye from his children.


But although Gossip Cop admits that Kanye West is away from Los Angeles working on new music, they maintain that this isn’t causing a rift in their relationship that’s leading to divorce. They also contend that Kim Kardashian has been spending time away from their kids too. She and the other Kardashian sisters went on a trip to Japan and the children did not go with her. She also spent a weekend in Wyoming, where Kanye is creating music. As Gossip Cop notes, if Kim is visiting Kanye while he’s working, it puts holes in the argument that their relationship is so strained that they are considering divorce and taking the children away from him.

What’s more, this isn’t the first time that the tabloid has claimed that Kim and Kanye were getting a divorce. In 2016, Gossip Cop debunked a story from Star that the Wests were getting a billion dollar divorce.

Speaking of debunking rumors, Kim recently sat down with Elle to “rewrite” erroneous headlines about her and her husband. In the video, she confirmed that she doesn’t intend to stop posting “racy photos,” even though she’s the mother of three children now. She also confirmed that her surrogate will be featured on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and that Kanye regularly sends her emails about what she should be wearing.