WWE Magazine Spoils Final Entrant Into 2018 WWE Hall of Fame

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

On Mondays during WrestleMania season, the WWE works with various news outlets and allows a different one to announce the new entrants into the WWE Hall of Fame. ESPN broke the news that Bill Goldberg was this year’s headliner. CBS Sports broke the news that the Dudley Boyz are entering this year. Billboard broke the news that Kid Rock is this year’s celebrity inductee. While there is no word on who was supposed to announce the final inductee, it looks like WWE Magazine spilled the announcement. Thanks to a fan photo of the magazine that Wrestling Inc shared on their Instagram page, an interview with Mark Henry reveals he is entering the WWE Hall of Fame in 2018 as well.

The WWE Magazine Hall Of Fame Article

The article in WWE Magazine was an interview with none other than Mark Henry. The title was “From the Hall of Pain to the Hall of Fame” and was an interview with Henry about his career and the upcoming enshrinement into the WWE Hall of Fame.

The very first question from the interview was what it was like when Mark Henry learned that he was officially entering the WWE Hall of Fame this year. It seems strange that the WWE would let this slip by since they obviously have a deal worked out with various publications to get the exclusive WWE Hall of Fame scoops each Monday.

Mark Henry And His WWE Career

When Mark Henry entered the WWE back in 1996, he was a former weightlifting champion, competed in the Olympic Games, and was a strongman champion. Early in his career, Henry looked very far from a future WWE Hall of Fame superstar but he worked hard, listened, and learned, and became a great talent in the company.

By the time he unofficially retired this year, he had won the European Championship once, the ECW world championship once, and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in 2011. There were not a lot of titles but Mark Henry was someone who didn’t need a belt to remain over with the fans.

Mark Henry’s fake retirement in 2013 when he turned on John Cena remains one of the most popular moments of his career and proved that he was as over as anyone in the WWE at the time.

Mark Henry has not ruled out returning to the WWE for “one last match,” but for now his career seems over with. Henry still works for the WWE as an ambassador and has helped bring young stars into the company — the biggest name being Braun Strowman.

Next month, it all results with Mark Henry entering the WWE Hall of Fame.