Meghan Markle’s Nude Photo And Video Leak Not Work Of ISIS, ‘Gossip Cop’ Says, But Likely Has Police Attention

Chris JacksonWPA-Pool/Getty Images

Meghan Markle’s nude photos and video that hit the internet this week were not actually the work of ISIS, but the leak likely is getting real attention from police after what appears to be an illegal invasion of her privacy.

This week, nude photos of Prince Harry’s fiance showed up on a notorious website called Celeb Jihad, which publishes a mix of faked and authentic nude photos and videos of celebrities. The site released a handful of photos and threatened to publish more, prompting a rare official response from Kensington Palace saying that the photos were fake. That led Celeb Jihad to release another video widely regarded as authentic showing Markle topless and issuing a set of mock demands from ISIS. Though some website and commenters on social media believed that ISIS was actually behind the leak, Gossip Cop has set the record straight.

The rumor-busting outlet noted that the site Celeb Jihad is just satirical and has no actual connection to ISIS. The site also noted that it would be receiving global attention if the Islamist extremist group had actually been blackmailing the soon-to-be wife of Prince Harry.

While the hack is not getting as much attention internationally as other more massive celebrity hacking incidents — like one in the summer of 2014 that targeted dozens of celebrities — it is very likely that Meghan Markle’s picture and video hack is getting the attention of law enforcement. In the past few years, local and federal investigators have shown that they take these breeches very seriously, and have hunted down those who have stolen and distributed nude photos and videos of celebrities.


After the 2014 hack, federal investigators tracked down 36-year-old Ryan Collins, a Pennsylvania man who pled guilty to hacking the accounts of hundreds of celebrities. He was handed an 18-month prison sentence, the Washington Times reported.

It is not clear whether Meghan Markle’s nude photo and video hack yet has the attention of investigators, or exactly who would be investigating it. Markle, an American actress, had been splitting time between Toronto, where she had been filming her show Suits, and the U.K., where she spends time with Prince Harry.