Meet The Cast Of ‘Southern Charm New Orleans’

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A new flavor of Southern Charm, Southern Charm New Orleans, is coming your way next month with a cast that is more diverse than the original Southern Charm and Southern Charm Savannah. Much like Sex and The City considered New York City to be the fifth character, New Orleans, as well as its food and culture, will play a big role in the new Southern Charm New Orleans.

In a new Southern Charm New Orleans promotional clip released by Bravo, Justin Reese, a lawyer, sports agent, and New Orleans native, says that his friends are more than just a group of partiers, reports People.

Watch The Bravo Promo For Southern Charm New Orleans

“My friends are more than boobs, beads, and booze. My circle is well-to-do, easy on the eyes, and most of all, well-connected. Though we all have our different beliefs, we all manage to be a big melting pot of gumbo around here.”

That doesn’t mean that Southern Charm New Orleans won’t have appropriate Southern Charm drama, but Reese explains that at the end of the day, their longstanding friendships are solid.

“Our friendships are resilient, just like this city.”

Also in the cast of Southern Charm New Orleans is Tamica Lee, a correspondent on the local New Orleans news, a socialite, and mother of two. Tamica admits that she struggles to find a work/home balance.

“I do everything.”


The Cast Of Southern Charm New Orleans Includes Two Married Couples

Next is Barry Smith, husband of Tamica Lee, and a business mogul in his own right. Smith says his policy is to give everyone a chance.

“I like everyone until they give me a reason not to like them.”

Then there is former NFL player Jeff Charleston, who played for the New Orleans Saints for a portion of his career. Jeff is married to fellow cast member Reagan Charleston, and though the two don’t have children yet, they have a house full of dogs.

Reagan Charleston boasts that her family has been in New Orleans since the 1700s.

“I guess that’s why I can drink so much. It’s in the blood.”

The last member of the cast of Southern Charm New Orleans is artist Jon Moody, who wears his ambition on his sleeve.

“My swag is confidence. My cologne is confidence.”


When It Comes To New Orleans, It’s All About The Food

In order to get to know the cast of Southern Charm New Orleans, Bravo asked them what they like to eat in the Big Easy. Justin Reese admits that he loves his seafood, but there is always room for dessert.

“I’m a huge fan of barbecue shrimp, if I’m on the go I enjoy a good po’ boy. Any type of crawfish or shrimp pasta. Bananas Foster for dessert is one of my favorite desserts — bananas Foster on top of ice cream, bananas Foster on top of cheesecake, bananas Foster anything!”

Jon Moody says that when it comes to New Orleans, you have to try the gumbo. And he says that if you’ve never had crawfish in New Orleans, you’ve never had crawfish.

“My favorite dish in New Orleans is Gumbo. I’ve had crawfish in so many other places and its horrible, it tastes like rubber, but the moment I eat crawfish in New Orleans, you don’t get it anywhere else. Beignets are amazing as far as something sweet.”

According to Southern Charm New Orleans cast member Jeff Charleston, his wife Reagan Charleston is an excellent cook, especially when it comes to Creole recipes. Reagan says she loves making seafood gumbo.

“One of my favorite things to make is seafood gumbo now. I used to be, like, shrimp and grits all the time. I grew up making etouffee. Jambalaya is great, I love a seafood Jambalaya. Any kind of Gulf fish, like, almondine, of my god, with, like, the butter and the almonds — it’s so delicious. I could go on forever!”