Are ‘The Challenge: Vendettas’ Stars Britni Thornton And Brad Fiorenza Still Together?

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Britni Thornton didn’t find love on MTV’s matchmaking reality show Are You The One?, but when she joined the cast of The Challenge: Vendettas, she luckily met the one for her, fellow contestant Brad Fiorenza. During the most recent episode, Fiorenza hugged Thornton and told her he loved her for the first time after winning his elimination round but did he really mean it? And now that the show has wrapped, did the reality TV couple continue their relationship off camera?

According to US Weekly, Fiorenza lives in Chicago, and Thornton lives in Georgia, but the two have reunited, and they are together to this day. But when Fiorenza told Thornton he loved her that first time on the show, he surprised her.

“I was stunned. Of course, I love the guy, how can you not love him? He’s so happy go lucky, for all the s—t he’s gone through, he stays so positive. It’s the weirdest thing but so beautiful,” revealed Thornton. “So, I’m over here overthinking it, like ‘Did he mean it? Was that accidental?’ It was confusing, and then I left so we couldn’t even talk about it.”

Now the couple is doing a long-distance relationship, and they see each other at joint appearances at events for Diem Brown’s MedGift charity.

Thornton says that the two are head over heels in love, and even though long distance “sucks,” they travel a lot and see each other just enough to never get tired of one another and to appreciate each other.

Fiorenza has two kids with his ex-wife, Tori Hall, and he has already introduced Thornton to her and the children. The 26-year-old says that Fiorenza’s kids are beautiful and she had a great meeting with Hall and wouldn’t change a thing about how they met.

She went on to say that Hall is great and handled herself well. She did stand her ground, but at the same time was very kind.

Fiorenza started his reality TV career back in 2003 as a cast member of The Real World: San Diego, and then went on to appear in eight seasons of The Challenge where he met Hall. After the two married in 2010, they decided to retire from the reality TV world to start a family.

But the couple divorced in 2016, and after teaching elementary school in the Chicago suburbs, Fiorenza decided to return to The Challenge after a seven-year break. It was then that he met Thornton at a hotel in Spain while preparing for Season 31 and the two hit it off. But when they locked lips on the season premiere, it caused controversy on Twitter because fans had always seen him with Hall.

But the hookup didn’t bother Hall, who says that Britni Thornton is a better fit for Fiorenza than she ever was.

Brad Fiorenza hopes that winning some prize money will help him rebuild in his post-divorce life, and he has plans to appear on future seasons of The Challenge. At 37-years-old, he is a lot older than most of the contestants on the show, but he is confident that he has at least another three years in him.

New episodes of The Challenge: Vendettas air Tuesday nights on MTV.