Internet Trolls Criticize Alicia Vikander’s Small Bust Size In ‘Tomb Raider’ Movie

Kevin WinterGetty Images

The latest reboot of the highly popular Tomb Raider film series has just been released in theaters across the United States this week. The movie has received mixed reviews, with some lauding Alicia Vikander’s portrayal of the iconic video game character. However, some fans were apparently not happy with the casting choice seeing as that Vikander apparently didn’t quite fit the bill when it came to her physical appearance. Internet trolls were quick to point this out on social media, with one user claiming that Lara Craft’s breasts in the most recent movie were “the issue of the century.”

As reported by CNET, a Twitter user called Amazing Atheist Guy posted a video online and mentioned in it that he wasn’t happy with the casting choice as Vikander’s breasts were apparently too small. The user, who has been identified as YouTuber TJ Kirk from London, explained that Lara Croft has always been a sex symbol and that her appearances within various movies and video games have stuck to more or less the same body type. According to the user, aside from being highly athletic and savvy with different weaponry, the character’s small waist and large breasts have been a staple for the iconic adventurer since her first appearance in the original Tomb Raider video game released in 1996.

Kirk’s post immediately received a flurry of responses from fans on both sides of the argument. Some fans expressed the same sentiments as Kirk, while others defended Vikander’s lean and athletic look. Some users even referred to Lara Croft’s appearance in the original game, which featured her with triangular breasts, claiming that her breast size didn’t define her as a character.

The character’s look has changed over the years throughout the different video games. Angelina Jolie previously cemented the character’s big-screen look when she played the iconic role in 2001. Lara Croft’s appearances within the recently released video games have somewhat leaned more towards the conservative side when compared to her past appearances. The character’s signature short shorts, big breasts, and visible tummy have been replaced with more practical clothing and physical dimensions. As reported by the Hollywood Reported, the trend also rings true for the recently released Tomb Raider movie, which portrays the iconic character as less of a “sex doll” and more as a “capable, powerful and unobjectified heroine.”