Jimmy Kimmel Says He's Filed A Federal Complaint Against The Trumps Over Trump Merchandise

Jimmy Kimmel claims to have filed a federal complaint against the Trumps, alleging that Trump merchandise is poorly-labeled, or not labeled at all when it comes to where it was made. If he follows through with his complaint, and if the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) agrees, then Kimmel's complaint could cost the Trump family as much as $500,000, Huffington Post is reporting.

You may have heard of the Trump Store, which is described as "the official retail website of the Trump organization," and which Kimmel claims is run by the president's two oldest sons, Eric and Donald Jr.

There you can buy all manner of Trump-branded merchandise, from curios and bric-a-brac to men's and women's clothing to even baby bibs.

Jimmy Kimmel has undoubtedly heard of the Trump Store. This week, he brought out some of the merchandise on his show. He also pointed out a somewhat embarrassing problem with some of the merchandise: you see, the Trump brand promotes itself as all-American, and of course Trump's "America first" rhetoric is a key part of his image. Even the White House's website encourages you to "Buy American."

As Kimmel explains it: "I'm sure Eric and Donald Jr. take this American thing very seriously. These guys are red, white and blue to the core. They're like a couple of flags wearing hair gel, these two."

However, by now you have probably been able to guess what the problem is: "most" of the merchandise, says Kimmel, isn't made in the USA.

An even bigger problem - at least financially - for the Trump sons is that some of the merchandise isn't labeled with a country of origin at all. That's a violation of U.S. Customs law, according to a companion Huffington Post video. If the FTC investigates and finds that the Trump organization has violated the law, it could result in fines of up to half a million dollars. And to get the ball rolling, Kimmel says he's going to file a complaint officially.
"I'll just file an official complaint and let them sort it out."
Not that Jimmy Kimmel thinks it's going to matter to the Trump sons.
"This could be very expensive. Not to mention embarrassing. Are they even capable of shame?"
At this point, it bears noting that it's not clear, as of this writing, if Kimmel is actually going to file a complaint, or has filed a complaint, or if he was just doing a comedy bit.