Mother Lost Custody Of Her Kids, Married Daughter After They Both 'Hit It Off' After Reuniting

A 45-year-old woman who married her daughter is going to jail. The New York Post is reporting that Patricia Ann Spann pleaded guilty to a solitary count of incest Tuesday and bagged a two-year jail sentence and eight years probation. Her daughter and former wife, Misty Dawn Spann is expected to be sentenced next week. The 26-year-old daughter in a court affidavit revealed that she wedded her mother on March 25, 2016.

According to her, they both developed an attraction for each other in 2014 after reuniting and started an incestuous relationship. Misty alleges that her mother told her that they were not running afoul of any laws since Misty and her two siblings were raised by their paternal grandmother, Barbara.

The 45-year-old told her daughter that she had spoken to three separate attorneys to confirm the legality of the union. She added that there was nothing to worry about as she was not listed as the biological mother on her daughter's birth certificate.

Misty, who pleaded guilty to incest, told the court that she was the one that annulled the marriage after she discovered her mother was not telling the truth. The 26-year-old is expected to be handed a 10-year probation sentence and told to attend counseling sessions. The illicit relationship between daughter and mother was reported to authorities by a child welfare investigator that had visited their residence on an unrelated matter.

A BBC story is saying this is not the first time that Patricia had been married to one of her children. The news agency is claiming that Jody Spann Jr. also married his birth mother in 2008. However, the 18-year-old would nullify the marriage after 15 months, citing it as "incest," according to court documents. Patricia, who is now a registered sex offender, had married twice in the same year before tying the knot with her son, Jody. A third son, Cody is claiming that his mother also spoke to him about the possibility of getting married.

This is definitely not the first instance of a taboo relationship. An Inquisitr story about Sheila and Keylin Johnson revealed that the pair maintained an incestuous relationship with their kids for years, telling them it was the "best way to build a family bond."