Jennifer Lawrence ‘Dating Disaster’ Rumors Found To Be False, Reports ‘Gossip Cop’

When it comes to Jennifer Lawrence and her love life, there have been rumors for years about who she is hooking up with, random affairs, and even stories of how bad her breakups have been. However, while there may be plenty of stories about the actress, one that was recently reported to the public about Lawrence’s dating life being a disaster seems to be false.

A recent report from Radar Online shared the news that Jennifer Lawrence is having difficulties with her dating life. According to the news outlet, the actress not only suffered a “brutal breakup” from her former boyfriend, Darren Aronofsky, but that in the wake of their split she is having a hard time finding what they describe as a “decent guy.”

In fact, the outlet shared that they have an insider who revealed to them that she is actually not helping herself by doing interviews where she shares that her celebrity crushes are Scott Disick or Timothee Chalamet. The insider claims that Lawrence’s problem is that she keeps going after the wrong guys because she wants to be with someone. However, they also said that she is not giving up yet, and has not hit a point where she is desperate.

While Radar Online might be reporting that Jennifer Lawrence is struggling with her dating life, Gossip Cop has apparently confirmed that this is untrue. Gossip Cop explained that even though Lawrence is single at this time, that does not mean she is having difficulty with dating. In fact, as they point out, one of the biggest clues to the fact that the article about her struggles is false, stems from its title.

While the article title claims that Jennifer Lawrence’s breakup from Aronofsky was brutal, according to Gossip Cop, the couple may have broken up, but they are still friends, and have been praising each other’s work as of late. Even in December, after their breakup, the two were spotted by Just Jared hanging out and enjoying each other’s company. Which certainly goes against the idea that the breakup was brutal or in some way damaging to the actress or the director.

Beyond the claims that Lawrence’s breakup from Darren Aronofsky was brutal, the original report also seemed to be wrong about her dating status, as the actress has been talking about her love life during interviews for her latest movie, Red Sparrow. While the actress may, in fact, be single, this does not mean she is struggling to find a date. In fact, it was during the press tour for the movie that Jennifer Lawrence finally opened up about the false rumors about her and Chris Pratt, as well as her and Brad Pitt.

Although rumors keep spreading about Lawrence and her love life, it seems that the latest story about her struggles to find a man are false, and just random bits put together to make something out of her recent sound bites. Instead, as an apparent confidante of Jennifer Lawrence told Gossip Cop, this new story is just “clickbait.”

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