Camilla ‘Could’ Become Queen When Prince Charles Takes The Throne, Claims Royal Expert To ‘The Times’

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When Prince Charles takes the throne, will there be a “Queen Camilla“? Royal experts have been debating on whether this “could” be a possibility. At least three well-known royal experts that have long been in the know have been quoted as predicting that indications point to Charles making Camilla his queen when the Queen dies.

Royal biographer, Penny Junor, spoke to The Times, sharing her knowledgeable opinion that when there is a King Charles, there will be also be a Queen Camilla.

The expert on all things royal surmised that Charles would never allow Camilla to be called anything “remotely demeaning” as “Princess Consort,” as was previously reported on the Clarence House website, Charles and Camilla‘s official site.

“My hunch is that he will not allow her to be called anything that is remotely demeaning. I suspect that she will be called queen.”

Another royal expert appears to share this sentiment. “Royal commentator” Richard Fitzwilliams was asked by Express whether Charles will make Camilla his queen, and he was on the affirmative. He contends that the palace has said one thing, but once Charles gets the chance, he will do the other.

“Although the official line still is that the Duchess of Cornwall will be Princess Consort when Prince Charles ascends the throne, the choice is Charles’s and he will make it within a day of the Queen’s passing.”

Fitzwilliams made the definitive statement that has made sense over the long history of male British monarchs.

“She is expected to be Queen as every king has had a queen.”

What was originally written on the Clarence House website that has suddenly made the issue of “Queen Camilla” noteworthy again?

According to Yahoo Australia, The Clarence House website has made a small change that has “fueled speculation,” when they deleted that Camilla “would not be referred to as ‘Queen,'” in the “Frequently Asked Questions” page. Suddenly the chatter emerged that perhaps she could, or even would be referred to as “Queen.”

Previously, as “recent as January,” the website stated that the “most likely scenario” would be that Camilla would be titled “Princess Consort,” when Charles is made King of England. The publication posted the exact wording from the site until it was recently removed.

“As was explained at the time of their wedding in April 2005, it is intended that The Duchess will be known as HRH The Princess Consort when The Prince of Wales accedes to The Throne.

Not only has the Clarence House website made this change, but the Daily Mail has reported that the Buckingham Palace website has removed the future “Princess Consort” label from the Duchess of Cornwall’s biography, furthering speculation.

Managing editor of Majesty Magazine, Joe Little expressed he had felt disappointment that when Charles and Camilla married 13 years ago, they immediately issued a statement that she would become “Princess Consort,” immediately, seemingly, settling the title issue.

He speculated that it may be because of the universal knowledge of Camilla’s participation in the destruction of Charles and Diana’s marriage.

Yet, the two are obviously meant to be together as a couple and as a team, and he believes that her title should reflect this.

“I have always regarded the wife of a British King to be a Queen and to give her a lesser title just really wasn’t on in my opinion.”

Perhaps Charles has always felt the same way as Little?

The Daily Mail also reminded readers that just six years ago, an American network host asked Charles whether Camilla would be Queen. Charles answered the question with his own question, before giving a cryptic, yet affirmative answer.

“We’ll see won’t we? That could be.”