WWE News: The Miz Comments About CM Punk & Fighting In UFC


Current WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz was recently stopped and asked about former superstar CM Punk who is still trying his hand at mixed martial arts. While Mike “The Miz” Mizanin has never stepped into the Octagon himself, he certainly gave some praise towards his former colleague ahead of his next big fight. Here’s what The Miz had to say regarding the former WWE superstar who takes his second-ever fight later this year with hopes of getting a victory this time.

WWE superstar The Miz has crossed paths with CM Punk several times in the professional wrestling world before Punk left for the UFC. After his departure from WWE, Punk had his first official fight in 2016 and came up on the losing end in a quick fight against Mickey Gall. That ended up getting mocked in the ring during a match involving The Miz and Dolph Ziggler, but a few years later that joking seems to have subsided.

On Wednesday, TMZ caught up with The Miz during a trip to get his thoughts about Punk’s transition to the UFC, and it seems he has plenty of respect for his former colleague and feels that the hate towards what he’s doing isn’t necessary.

wwe miz and cm punk competed in several matches
While CM Punk was in WWE, he and The Miz competed against one another many times.Featured image credit: WWE

When TMZ asked about people writing Punk off as an MMA fighter and saying that he doesn’t belong there, Miz said,

“I wouldn’t say that because the guy was going after a dream..He’s always wanted to do that. Whenever you go after a dream, why smash on it? He’s gonna do his best, he’s gonna try his hardest, and I imagine he’s training his heart out to do the best he can in the Octagon.”

Miz added that coming from the WWE, people have a thick skin and can deal with the “haters” better. When asked if he thinks Punk can win, Miz said it really depends who he is going against.

In June, CM Punk believes he will get a chance to redeem himself when he has his second career MMA fight. If it happens, it will take place at the UFC 225 event being held in Punk’s hometown of Chicago, Illinois. TMZ managed to ask Miz if he would ever consider stepping into the Octagon himself. As the Intercontinental champ was getting into his ride, he chuckled and said he thinks he’ll stick with WWE for now.

The Miz will be preparing for WrestleMania 34 which is just weeks away. CM Punk has several more months to prepare for his anticipated fight. As of this report, he’s announced he will have a fight; it’s just unknown who his opponent will be. Once that’s finalized, Punk can put his full focus into getting ready to try to win.

Of course, there are plenty of WWE fans hoping that he doesn’t realize his dreams and gets that burning desire to return to the wrestling ring. Until then, one probably shouldn’t doubt that Phil Brooks will keep giving his all to something he’s always wanted to do.