Wisconsin School Under Fire For Allegedly Teaching ‘White Privilege’

Delavan-Darien High School in Wisconsin is at the center of after parents complained the school is teaching that white folks are oppressors and “enjoy” white privilege. The educational drama stems from the content being taught in a diversity class which focuses on critical race theory.

A parent who asked not to be identified during a Fox News interview feels that the Delavan-Darien High School were being taught “white guilt” and were being subjected to indoctrination. The parent also had this to say during the interview about the Wisconsin high school:

“They’re dividing the students. They’re saying to non-whites, ‘You have been oppressed and you’re still being oppressed. This is a radical left agenda and ideology that is now embedded in our school. If you’re white, you’re oppressing. If you’re non-white, you’ve been a victim.”

The handouts offered to the Delavan-Darien High School diversity class students defined white privilege as a set of advantages that are believed to be enjoyed by white people beyond those commonly experienced by non-white people in the same social, political, and economic spaces, according to excerpts republished by The Blaze.

The Wisconsin students were also given a handout by University of Texas professor Robert Jensen which read:

“There is not space here to list all the ways in which white privilege plays out in our lives, but it is clear that I will carry this privilege with me until the day white supremacy is erased from society.”

As an example of white privilege, the Delavan-Darien High School students were also allegedly instructed to go to a store and count the number of dolls which represented black people as opposed to which. When school superintendent Robert Crist was informed of the discontent over the diversity class, he stated that the complaining parent’s concern has merit.

Crist had this to say about the white privilege topic in the Wisconsin high school classroom:

“A lot of red flags go up in my mind when I look at the materials. Ideally, you would want to present one theory that might be way on the left and another theory that may be way on the right and if you find one in the middle you can present that too … now you have a well-rounded discussion, in my opinion. I’m out of an old-fashioned school. I believe in helping kids understand the basic objectives of curriculum and not use some radical material to get a student to support some kind of a special theory.”

The diversity course will not be taught at the school again until the district evaluates the teachings. Typically, school teachers are mandated to submit lesson plans to their building principal for review. It is not currently know if this practice is a requirement at Delavan-Darien High School.