Deluded Guru Claims ‘Death Is Delicious’ And Hails Hitler As Biggest Contributor To World Peace


A leader of a strange cult claims she is an alien primed for world domination and also hails Hitler as the biggest contributor to world peace. According to Medium, Teal Swan (also known as the Gucci Guru) prides herself on having x-ray vision as well as the uncanny ability to project herself into people’s bodies and control them.

Despite her outlandish claims, the self-acclaimed extraterrestrial enjoys a massive online following, with over 60,000 people on Instagram, 150,000 on her Facebook page, and close to 500,000 people on her YouTube channel.

Born Mary Teal Bosworth, Swan gained prominence in 2012 when she started posting YouTube videos claiming that from age 6 to 19, she was embroiled in a cult. She alleged that she was tortured, sewn into a corpse, and coerced to watch the multiple murders of children. When she escaped, she alleged that she did not have enough evidence to bring the perpetrators to justice.

After gaining traction online with her fables, the former model kick-started her spiritual practice, which hinged on healing and metaphysical growth, a recipe she claims she tried on herself first in order to move past her harrowing ordeal. Teal claims her spiritual energy and eclectic wisdom come from an innate intergalactic ability that makes her superior to other human beings.


However, a former member speaking to Ozy has rubbished Swan’s claims, revealing that the spiritual guru Googles everything that she knows and is a total scam. Teal, who now holds seminars and workshops from her commune in Costa Rica, revealed that she needed to leave the United States after receiving an avalanche of death threats.

However, some of her fiercest critics who spoke to EVO News believe the relocation offers Swan a free reign to perpetuate something more sinister and evil. They claim that the self-acclaimed martyr exhibits the trappings of a cult leader, especially as she has isolated her members from their families and has taken them to a foreign country,

Members of her cult, who are known as “Tealers,” identify themselves by tattooing their skin with her symbol. The cult leader, who has described “death as delicious,” teaches that staying alive is not always the right choice to make.

“We shouldn’t just assume that living is always right, and there’s no point really in honestly being on this planet especially from the universal perspective.”


Two of Teal’s followers have already committed suicide. In 2015, a member identified with the initial I.T. posted on the group’s Facebook page that he was going to commit suicide — and he did a few days later.

In 2013, when another client known only as Leslie killed herself, a former member who was with Teal when she heard the news was shocked at her reaction. The member said Teal was annoyed because Leslie’s death would hurt her credibility as a spiritual revolutionary. She would later joke to an audience that Leslie reincarnated into a similar family situation that made her take her life.