Donald Trump Jr. On Stormy Daniels: Eating Ice Cream, Trump Says ‘That’s Not What We’re Talking About’ [Video]

Keith SrakocicAP Images

Donald Trump Jr. spent time in Cannonsburg, Pennsylvania, on Monday, March 12, lending his political support to Rick Saccone, a Republican Congressional candidate for district No. 18 in Pennsylvania, against Democratic candidate Conor Lamb. Don Jr. toured Sarris Candies during the outing where he stumped for Saccone, a man engaged in a close race for Congressman Tim Murphy’s vacated seat. With voters in the region headed to the polls on Tuesday, there is plenty of attention on the political race, but Don Jr. received a question regarding the melee surrounding President Donald Trump. As reported by Mashable, Trump Jr. was asked a question about whether or not Stormy should be allowed to speak, in spite of Daniels being beholden to a non-disclosure agreement.

According to Aaron Rupar of Think Progress, a journalist asked Trump Jr.,”Should Stormy Daniels be able to speak?” As seen in the above MSNBC video, Trump Jr. responded by laughing and saying, “Thanks guys. That’s not what we’re talking about.” Soon thereafter, Twitter began reporting the phrase “Trump ice cream” as a search suggestion, with lots of memes appearing in the wake of the above video going viral.

Don Jr. was also asked questions about Russia, as reported by Uproxx, along with the question about Stormy. Trump Jr. answered both of those controversial questions by stating that they were topics not being discussed at the moment. The questions about Russian meetings and Daniels were posed to Trump Jr. at the end of the above video. After those two questions brought similar responses from Don Jr., the reporters were urged to end the interview.


Plenty of quips about Trump Jr. and the manner in which he eats his ice cream are appearing on social media. Jokes like the following, which mention Trump Jr.’s ice cream eating, are flowing into Twitter as well.


Threats to boycott Sarris Candies, which describes itself as a “family owned and operated chocolatier” with a “chocolate showroom, chocolate castle, ice cream parlor” and more are also flowing into Twitter, as seen in the below social media user’s tweet threatening to burn his or her Sarris Candies dark chocolate bar and never visit the location again because of hosting Trump Jr.