March Madness 2018 Bracket Links For NCAA, Yahoo, ESPN Online: Record Is 39 As Perfect Bracket Never Picked

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March Madness for 2018 is here, and whether you are a basketball fan or not, it will more than likely seep into at least one of your conversations within the next few weeks. Now that all the information is out there online, the fun of attempting to pick the perfect March Madness bracket is underway.

The first thing many folks do is search for a March Madness bracket which is easily found here from CBS Sports. The matchups, the seeding, and the regions are all important parts of your perfect pick. But on Sunday, the exact order of the committee ranked teams in the field were released, and this was a much-anticipated reveal that March Madness fans were waiting for. Now that the list is here, it’s time to fill out the brackets.

The March Madness Bracket from NCAA is locked on Thursday, March 15, at 12 p.m. so you still have time to get your NCAA March Madness bracket picks in here. The March Madness Bracket challenge for Yahoo Fantasy Sports is found here and the bracket challenge for ESPN is found here.

According to the NCAA, before wondering about the possibility of picking that perfect March Madness bracket this year, they offer up a bit of information to ponder first. When it comes to the March Madness bracket, “it’s hard enough to get past the first two days without a bust.” Hard, yes, but “it’s not impossible,” as last year something incredible occurred.

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The NCAA believes the highest recorded number of games picked by a March Madness bracket holder ever since the start of this bracket competition occurred last year. It was documented that 39 games were picked correctly. Last year’s March Madness offered a number of relatively predictable games, which led to an abnormally high number of first round perfect brackets.

The internet allows the NCAA to track the scores on millions of brackets found participating in six major games online, which includes the Capitol One March Madness Bracket Challenge from NCAA. After all the brackets registered online at, Bleacher Report, CBS, ESPN, Fox Sports, and Yahoo, only one bracket scored 39 games before a game busted the streak on the final matchup on the third night. Its winning streak broke when Purdue beat Iowa State.

According to the NCAA, “That’s the longest known recorded and verified streak (that we could find) to open a tournament.”

The longest streak for a bracket before last years’ 39 was 36. That was back in 2014 when Brad Binder “went 36-for-36 to start the tournament.” There is no name offered for last years 39-bracket game record holder.

Yahoo Sports reported last year that “Binder’s bracket was the only time it had a perfect bracket go into the second round in its 18-plus years of hosting a game.”

In 2016, the longest streak was only 25 games for one bracket holder. Because of last years easy to predict winners in the first round, Yahoo Sports reported they had 37 separate perfect first-round brackets.

The teams are ranked from one to 68 on the seeding list, which is seen below from CBS Sports.

1. Virginia (31-2)
2. Villanova (30-4)
3. Kansas (27-7)
4. Xavier (28-5)
5. North Carolina (25-10)
6. Duke (26-7)
7. Purdue (28-6)
8. Cincinnati (30-4)
9. Michigan State (29-4)
10. Tennessee (25-8)
11. Michigan (28-7)
12. Texas Tech (24-9)
13. Auburn (25-7)
14. Wichita Sate (25-7)
15. Gonzaga (30-4)
16. Arizona (27-7)
17. Kentucky (24-10)
18. West Virginia (24-10)
19. Clemson (23-9)
20. Ohio State (24-8)
21. Florida (20-12)
22. Miami (Fla.) (22-9)
23. Houston (26-7)
24. TCU (21-11)
25. Texas A&M (20-12)
26. Arkansas (23-11)
27. Nevada (27-7)
28. Rhode Island (25-7)
29. Seton Hall (21-11)
30. Creighton (21-11)
31. Virginia Tech (21-11)
32. Missouri (20-12)
33. Butler (20-13)
34. Kansas State (22-11)
35. Providence (21-13)
36. Alabama (19-15)
37. NC State (21-11)
38. Florida State (20-11)
39. Texas (19-14)
40. Oklahoma (18-13)
41. UCLA (21-11)
42. St. Bonaventure (25-7)
43. Arizona State (20-11)
44. Syracuse (20-13)
45. San Diego State (22-10)
46. Loyola-Chicago (28-5)
47. New Mexico State (28-5)
48. Davidson (21-11)
49. South Dakota State (28-6)
50. Murray State (26-5)
51. Buffalo (26-8)
52. UNC-Greensboro (27-7)
53. Charleston (26-7)
54. Marshall (24-10)
55. Bucknell (25-9)
56. Montana (26-7)
57. Wright State (25-9)
58. Stephen F. Austin (28-6)
59. Lipscomb (23-9)
60. Georgia State (24-10)
61. Cal State Fullerton (20-11)
62. Iona (20-13)
63. UMBC (24-10)
64. Penn (24-8)
65. Radford (22-12)
66. LIU-Brooklyn (18-16)
67. N.C. Central (19-15)
68. Texas Southern (15-19)