Kate Middleton And Prince William May Welcome New Baby On Wedding Anniversary, Reports 'Hello!'

Mic Florendo

Fans of Kate Middleton and Prince William are excited to meet their new baby, which is due to arrive next month. However, there is still no definite date yet as to when the 36-year-old brunette beauty will give birth to their third child. According to Hello!, there is a huge chance that the beloved royal couple would welcome baby number three on April 29, which is their seventh wedding anniversary.

The odds of giving birth on that date are high with a score of 8-1 as revealed by bookmaker Coral compared to the odds of 4-1 for April 23, which is St. George's Day. It would be a double celebration for Kate and William if they welcome their third baby on their wedding anniversary. The Duchess of Cambridge is reportedly expected to give birth to their new baby at St. Mary's Hospital in London just like she did with her other two children, Prince George, 4, and Princess Charlotte, 2.

According to Bravo, Middleton needs to follow some weird royal rules, with one being that home births are preferred because the Queen reportedly gave birth to her children in Buckingham Palace years ago. However, Princess Diana broke the tradition when she gave birth to Harry and William at St. Mary's Hospital.

Aside from her husband, Kate has to inform the Queen first about her birth before they do a formal announcement outside Buckingham Palace. However, she broke the rule by announcing it on Twitter after informing the Queen, so the baby news immediately spread all over London.

Another weird royal rule is that the father is not allowed to enter the delivery room, which means that William may have to wait outside. Their midwife, in case they have one, will also have to sign an agreement not to reveal any details about Middleton's birth to her new baby.

One of the most celebrated pregnancies in the world is that of the royal couple, and what makes it more exciting is that they keep their fans guessing if they are having a boy or girl. Kate Middleton and Prince William chose not to know the gender of their baby, but some people believe that the two are having another daughter.

Based on old beliefs, a pregnant woman who has a high bump means she's carrying a girl while a low bump means she's having a boy. Mail Online shared some photos to compare Kate's baby bump when she was pregnant with Princess Charlotte and Prince George. There are some similarities to when she carried her daughter, which could mean that she may also be having a baby girl.