TLC Webisode Explains What The Unmarried Duggar Boys Do All Day

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In the Duggar family, it was well known that the older girls, Jana, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, and later, Joy-Anna, shouldered most of the burdens of the household tasks and responsibilities in the family. It was so well-known that it actually became a joke in the fandom, in which people referred to the older Duggar girls as the J’Slaves.

Now, however, the legal Duggar girls (except the perennially single Jana) have flown from the nest, and so have some of the Duggar boys. While Josiah Duggar got himself in hot water for saying that the secret to packing for a family of 19 was to “have a Jana” (or have his older sister do all of the work for them), a recent TLC webisode showed that the Duggar men aren’t necessarily sitting at home and waited on hand and foot.

The Duggar family is very much into gender roles, so not surprisingly, the of-age Duggar boys participate in very “manly” activities. The oldest Duggar boys as well will remember when the family built their current home from the ground up, with the help of many of the Duggar children, both male and female.

These days, however, the Duggar family are very much into real-estate and flipping houses, and the Duggar men participate in the business, according to Duggar blog Keeping Up With The Fundies.

Fans of the Duggar family are already aware that the Duggar children are not allowed to leave their home until they have secured a spouse. They then sleep in their childhood bedroom with all of their siblings until their wedding night, and then typically move into their first home afterward. As most of the Duggars have not attended any higher education (save Joe Duggar who attended a brief Bible college program), this leaves a gap where they have a lot of time on their hands.

However, the webisode shows fans that the boys don’t want for activities. Instead, they are busy with their father’s rental and house flipping properties. They often start out with chores like mowing the lawn, before moving up to something more lucrative.

The Duggar family’s younger set of twins, Jeremiah and Jedidiah, have been working at Jim Bob’s used car business and also helps their father flip cars.

James and Justin, however, are still too young to enter the workforce and are in school, while Jason and Joe also likely flip houses with their dad.